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Portsmouth Tea Party Alliance


The Portsmouth Tea Party gathers in support of our Constitution, rule of law and our American heritage. WE stand resolutely against mob rule and criminalizing our institution, courts and law enforcement. We gather to share positions, develop viable action plans and with resolve execute those objectives. We meet in fellowship in the spirit of good will. We gather on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 6pm for informal meetings. We begin the official meeting at 7pm

We meet in solidarity dedicated to the principles under which this nation was founded. It is our hope that these gatherings will serve to provide a means by which we come to better understand those principles that underlie the foundation of this Republic and to provide support towards one another during these dark and historic times. It is also in this spirit that we hope to affect positive change in protecting those freedoms that remain and to nurture and restore the ones that have withered after years of neglect and assault. Towards that end, we dedicate our industry and our talents to oppose and defeat those forces that counter the tenants of our freedoms and the spirit of our Constitution. It is our hope that we can give our full measure in the struggles we face today and the battles yet to come.

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Phone: 757-646-6983
3356 Western Branch Blvd. Chesapeake Va. 23321

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