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The Good, the Bad and the Lawless

It was to be a wave of historic proportions. A wave to sink all the lawlessness of a political party gone dark and dangerous. It was to be the wave that promised to wash away [...]

In the Thick of the Battle…

We are in the thick of things in a seemingly endless battle. The degradation and lawlessness embraced by the left does not seem to have a bottom. That is why whenever a line is [...]

Herr Biden vs. America

So you think that at some point, the left will finally hit a bottom. There's got to be a bottom somewhere.. a floor where they will slow and eventually stop as they approach rock bottom. [...]

Something wicked bad, this way Comes!

So, we see the desolation of our Republic unfold right before our eyes. During the Clinton administration we saw the foundations of lawlessness unchecked and unaccountable establish its deep roots. The lawlessness of the Clinton [...]