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Our "Against All Odds" Winter Summit meeting is on December 2nd!

Registration is open now for our winter summit meeting. Check out the program schedule; you won't want to miss this event!
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Now. It is time to finish it. This is the election that finishes it, one way or the other. It's coming down to this election [...]

Us and Them

The lawful versus the criminal. The sane versus the crazies. The republic versus mob rule. The sanctity of legal votes and clean elections versus voter [...]

Emerge, Engage, Erupt & Endure!

From all vantage points, this upcoming Virginia election will be consequential and historic. It will be that defining election for our state but with the [...]

Make it your Cup of Tea!

Oh, for the good, the sane and the truthful American, it's just your Cup of Tea as it was in 1773 and still remains so [...]

Operation Surgical Strike!

Every year in Virginia, an election. Every year, campaigns, candidates and noise. Every year, decisions and every year, the stakes rise. Every year, dire warnings [...]


Against All Odds – Winter VATP Summit 2023

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