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Preserving The Good Fruits of Our Labor

All you good people take a bow. As a result of your hard work and resolve, a new Virginia government now is in place (except for those left-wing radicals in the Senate, but their time [...]

We Wounded The Beast! But Have We Finished?

We won a great victory in November. The odds were stacked against us with the voting fraud conditions favorable for the democrats and with many good people demoralized and questioning the very integrity of our [...]

We Saved Virginia

Yes, Virginia, we still have a Republic. From Friday September 17th 2021 thru Nov. 2nd 2021, we rose and fought for it. WE signed up in record numbers to be poll watchers and election officers [...]

Deepening Shadows of Fascism

Where are we? What has happened to our Republic? What has happened to the Americans whose very nature would easily crush this full throttle war on our Republic? Can you still recognize our country? [...]