By Kurt Feigel
Lynchburg Tea Party President

It’s hard for most Americans to understand just what is happening in Washington D.C. most of us know what needs to be done. Some feel we need to raise “revenue” and that would be a code for “taxes”…if you haven’t been paying attention. Others say we need cuts. And still others think we need a combination of the 2…but they are lying to you as they really don’t want cuts…but it sounds good doesn’t it?

Recently I spoke with my Congressman, Robert Hurt. He was concerned about the House plan and wanted to know what I thought and what the Tea Party was thinking. He is very frustrated and said ” I didn’t come up here to cut $1 trillion over 10 years”. If you went to public school like me and were not properly educated and your math is bad that would be $100 billion per year. FYI: That doesn’t even service the interest on the national debt.

I respect my Congressman. He genuinely wants to do good things up in D.C. and he really hates that place. I’ve been in the room and heard him call it ” a cess pool” on more than one occasion. But the problem is that the Republicans have no leadership. They can’t market their ideas in the public square. Not at the party level and not from the Speaker of the House. It’s really sad.

The latest bill as I understand it would have cut 917 billion dollars immediately and would have setup a “committee” to cut an additional 1.8 trillion (over who knows how long). Anyone believe these cuts will happen? Me neither. It’s a joke anyway as no future legislators are bound by any previous legislators. Simply put. They can always rescind these cuts in the future.

Now you are thinking…HUH!?!?!?!

We don’t get to live our lives like this. We must live (to a degree) within our means. At some point our credit card is maxed out and we don’t get to dictate a limit increase.

Not so in D.C. Not only that but it’s your money and your future and your children’s future they are gambling with.

The concern is that we will have our credit rating downgraded. And…doesn’t that happen to average Americans every day? What does that do? It makes them stop spending outside their means. It makes them get responsible. Sometimes it makes them realize that they are insolvent…GASP! Yes we are insolvent. The United States can NEVER pay back +$14 Trillion dollars in debt. NEVER! They talk about the “Full faith and credit of the United States” and it’s a joke. There is no such thing anymore.

What has been taking place over the past several years is a controlled looting of our nations wealth. Where is it going? Your guess is as good as mine.

You might make the case that some deficit spending is a good thing. But for 10 years or more? At what point does “some” become irresponsible?

Default is coming. The question is how bad of a default. I have no intention of paying for this nonsense. I never voted for or authorized my “representatives” to go up to D.C. and ENSLAVE us all and neither did the Constitution.

If you want to see the canary in the coal mine then watch the price of Gold and Silver. Watch closely. It’s going to get bad folks. Get ready!

I understand what the GOP thinks it’s doing. Trying to paint Reid and Obama into a corner. But on a good day they don’t understand the rope-a-dope (boxing term) that is being played on them…this is not a good day.

One day soon Americans may figure out that this “nation of laws” really doesn’t abide by a single one. Look out D.C. when that happens.