Everything that we hold as good, everything that we believe as foundational principles, everything that we embrace as self-evident truths that has been the bedrock of our governance will be decided this year. One way or the other, all this uncertainty surrounding the governance of our nation ends this year. If things go badly, the Republic and all that has been good about our nation and all that has been great about our people ends. If the outcome is good, then the work and purge begins. We take on the task of restoring our Republic, our rule of law, our borders, our economy, our rights and reaffirm sanity as good and proper in a stable society. That which has been so dangerously eroded, will be restore and safe guards installed to counter the powerful domestic left-wing threat. The restoration cannot happen without justice. And justice cannot happen without accountability. And accountability cannot happen without our laws being applied fairly and justly to everyone. And if that rule of law is applied to all Americans then those on the left that have so egregiously and with malice harmed so many will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. This means that we return to being a nation of laws as it was always intended to be for the protection of all Americans.

So we go right down the line. We round them up based on the rule of law and look to the overdue balance of Justice to be upheld. If Joe Biden committed serious crimes, he is charged and prosecuted. If Hillary is found criminally liable, she too is charged. If Obama, then he too faces the law. Why should one President hog all the legal fun, especially if Trump committed no actual crime. If Dr. Fauci, he too faces justices. This also goes to corrupt prosecutors and judges who weaponized and corrupted our legal system for power and politics. For if we are to stop these grand level abuses of power and corruption, then pain and suffering must be delivered unto the guilty or else that cycle will continue and our society will quicken its march to the cesspool of 3rd world corruption. If justice is to be blind then this corruption dance of only applying the law to hurt good people while protecting left-wing thugs and criminals has got to stop and be reversed.

All this is long overdue and the process will be difficult and angst filled as the scales of justice are restored. It would have been so much easier had we just simply had the Clinton’s accountable for their brazen lawlessness and corruption back in the ’90s. But we didn’t. And because our lack of resolve was noted by the upcoming generation of Democrats, they proceeded to push the envelope of lawlessness and corruption to unprecedented levels. So now the chickens have come home to roost and it is truly our time of great reckoning.

There will be a serious clash as the left will refute being held accountable. They have become accustomed to having a blank check on everything they do. The idea of being held to the same laws as everyone else probably is a foreign concept to them. It is time that they learn the meaning of the rule of law up close and personal.

But through all this retribution, we need to continue to be unified and hardwired with each other, with each group and with each natural ally. The Virginia Tea Party will do its part on June 22nd, 2024. The armor and weapons of this battle will be presented at our American Phoenix Rising Summit this Saturday at the Richmond Airport Sheraton (see details and ticket purchases at vatp.org) It is here where the blueprint for finishing this final conflict in a complete way will be presented and be fleshed out. The means of success in November for our Republic has already begun in earnest. Please join us for the final battle for our Republic. The bad guys are for real. The very real Monsters of the Left remain on the march. It is time for the good guys to end this once and for all.

With Hope and Courage,
Nelson Velez