Times to try Men’s Souls

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The Good in the Cross Hairs of the Mob What if a respectable American party finds itself taken over by criminals? What if the criminals were able to purge that party of any good and decent people through ruthless and relentless effort over several decades? What if that criminal syndicate, in order to keep power, becomes increasingly reliant on criminal means of rigging elections? What would happen? We now see what that would look like in America. Criminals would become [...]

With friends like DWECs, who needs socialist democrats?

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Some people feel (or posture as though they feel they should feel) that the term RINO is offensive. They might have a point. A case certainly could be made for needless offence against a noble and powerful beast known as the rhinoceros. Then again, the rhinoceros is regarded as having bad eyesight and prone to forcefully smash against all perceived provocateurs. When it comes to those whom the allegedly offensive term RINO is lodged against, I can see where the [...]

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The greatest of landslides begin with the rolling of the smallest of pebbles

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We have been the good people. The quiet ones. The forgotten Americans. The ones that America's enemies worry about the most and most always dearly want to destroy. We are the heirs to those who fought to bring about a nation so conceived in liberty. Many of us are the winter warriors that have long ago entered the winter of their own lives. WE are the living witnesses to what has been lost and are the vanguards to restoring the [...]

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A (Not So) Simple Suggestion

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I have heard so much about racism and how to be anti-racist recently. Statues have come down, buildings and streets renamed, and riots have taken place. Are we simply fueling the resentment of darker-skinned folks through our focus on the underlying white supremacy of everything? How will that resentment create a better society? I have a simple suggestion to move the conversation and the focus race relations on a more positive track. I suggest that millions of dollars of the [...]

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American Freedom-Born in Virginia. Now the fight to resurrect it in Virginia

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It is now July. We are an occupied nation. The Crime syndicate that committed the worst act of treason in American history in the annihilation of our free and open elections in 2020 has taken over power in opposition to millions of legal honest clean votes. The majority of Americans did not vote for their radical and insane agenda. They did not vote for a commander in thief. We know what they did. They know that we know. We cannot [...]

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Freedom Rising from the Ashes

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It has been over a year and a half since the patriot tea party groups and their treasured natural allies have been able to come together in a summit. We have always been a surprisingly tough adversary - tenacious, resolute and principled. But, as it was for us in the beginning over a decade ago continues to be true today. Our magic comes from being together in real time, in a real place, among real people. The time for [...]

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Aunt Jemima is no more, Uncle Ben is now just Ben, and Eskimo Pies are as offensive as the Frito Bandito and have been banished from corporate America. All Native American named sports teams are under fire for names, logos, and mascots. How long until kids’ cereals are stripped of anthropomorphic animals due to their improper depictions of real, live animals? Are Snap, Crackle, and Pop racist? Will Charlie the Tuna be removed next? Given all that “woke” offence [...]


People of the Americas

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Forget the 1619 Project or the 1776 Project. Let’s take a broader, longer look at who we are and where we came from. My proposition is that there are only 4 types of people in the Americas today. This might not sit well with folks who are so caught up in identity politics. First, the natives. Now commonly referred to as indigenous, these people lived from what is now Canada down to the bottom tip of South America. There were [...]

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The Last Charge of the Good, the Brave and the Sane

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There has been an urgent refrain that has been echoing through every election cycle since 1980, when the reelection of the most disastrous administration (at that time) in history was front and center. Almost every election since then has been fraught with dire warnings of "this being the most important election of our lifetime." The unfortunate truth is that these warnings have all been real and accurate. Now in 2021, Virginia faces an election that may have already been [...]

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