So, what has America become? Are we still the land of the free and the home of the brave? Are we still a Constitutional Republic? Are we still that shinning city on the hill? Are we as virtuous as we used to be? Are we still the place where the good guys can win and the bad guys get it in the end?

Are we still the good guys?

Now we are witness to the tragic disunion of our nation and the dissolution of our Republic. The left’s insatiable hunger for destruction, lawlessness, insanity and ultimate power above all things is truly breath taking. The very thing that makes a country exist in the 1st place is a secure border. The fact that from day one of Biden’s illegitimate presidency he obliterated all border security measures was treason. You would think that alone would be America’s wakeup call as the insurgent illegal aliens swamp our institutions and crime, fentanyl/drugs, kidnapping and child trafficking explode to historic levels. And now the very welfare and innocence of our own children and grandchildren are being targeted with parental rights being increasingly denied. And woe unto you if you complain at school boards. It will be FBI showtime for you. But you know all the litany of evils that the FBI has committed in the last 10 years. It’s all so deadly serious. The lines they have crossed beginning with the Hillary Clinton espionage and Clinton Foundation cover up are fatal to a free people and cannot be allowed to stand. The FBI followed that up with directly interfering with the 2016 election engaging in attempting to destroy a presidential candidate and then breaking out their bag of dirty tricks against President Trump and his supporters everywhere, anywhere and at any time they felt like it. The FBI with unrestricted power of gestapo like operations remains on full display with no consequences for any of it to date.

So the litany of democrat crimes are just overwhelming and these are just a few that come to mind, any one of which would be reason enough to never vote democrat till Kingdom come:
1. the full-scale degradation of the integrity of our election laws and the overturning of election results through massive and systemic voter fraud in 2020
2. Indoctrination to radical left-wing ideology and exposure to perversion to our children in government schools
3. The demolition of our sacred borders resulting in record hordes of illegal aliens entering our nation orchestrated by Biden and the democrat party
4. Chinese spies everywhere and in the air floating lazily across our nation
5. The gutting of law enforcement (the defund the police movement)/crimes are sky rocketing across the nation as a result of democrat prosecutors and state/local democrat government.
6. Unrestricted rioting, looting and violence by dedicated left-wing thugs and democrat operatives on demand
7. Corruption of our judges and prosecutors acting as democrat agents of destruction to any candidate that might pose a problem to the left, like what’s on full display in the corrupt democrat enclaves of New York, Atlanta, and DC.
8. And in the Democrat Party where Jews vote in support at over 90%, the genocidal Hamas terrorist and their supporters have found a welcoming home.
9. Sky rocketing inflation and Government spending at fatal historic levels

The 2020 election year was when lawlessness and subversion hit critical mass. It was when the left had to go all in to ensure that we the people would not be able to elect their candidate of choice. And with generous help from a well-timed global Chinese epidemic of biblical proportions shutting the greatest economy ever, the perfect storm was generated. The level of voter fraud was so over the top that it could not be concealed, but the evidence was frantically destroyed and suppressed and the courts made sure that the evidence would not be examined. So with that, social media platforms went to work suppressing, shadow banning and silencing all voices that would counter their radically malicious and false left-wing narratives. And all the while, the rotten fruit of the great 2020 election steal sits as the most compromised corrupt unelected president ever to infest the White House. (the Clintons can give out an appreciative sigh of relief!)

This is such a critical junction for all of us. Just touching on some of what has happened to the nation with the rise of the radical left, fills me with dread and an overwhelming sense of urgency. It is now 2024, that we make our last stand and our last best shot of restoring the moribund Republic, piecing back together our shredded constitution, and returning to the rule of law. As for us, this June 22, 2024, The Virginia Tea Party will present the Rising American Phoenix Summit, where the state of the 2024 election will take center stage and the effective counters to the tactics and schemes of the left will be presented by battle tested national leaders including leaders from the Trump administration. There will be a focus will be on the disruption to the voter fraud operations on all levels and what will need to be done to purge the bad guys from power and raise our Republic from the ashes like an American Phoenix. We will roll out viable preemptive strikes that we can do right now to force proof of election integrity before a single ballot is cast. These are things we can do and we must do now. In the meantime, we have a special 3 part ” Are law Abiding Elections still Possible” series on our SIP of Tea shows that can be accessed through to our Virginia Tea Party Rumble page that outlines this very preemptive strategy. This Rising American Phoenix Summit will be intense, as appropriate to our crisis, but it will be so valuable in providing the best tools and plans to disrupt the election thieves and ensure as clean an election as is fitting for the American people. And we will also examine that critical road map to restoring our Republic in the aftermath of the election. It also will be the last summit before the election that changes everything forever one way or another. So, this summit is the event of our times and if we fail in November, this summit may be our last.

With Resolve,
Nelson Velez
Virginia Tea Party