Every time we think the left has hit the lowest of lows, they forge ahead to descend to yet another level of lawlessness and subversion. There was a time when we thought of one another as Americans embracing self-evident truths and common sense for the good of our nation. Over the years, the left has descended into a cesspool of ever-increasing audacious criminal, subversive and insane behavior. We have been like concerned family members who are helplessly witnessing the degeneration of family unable to stop the collapse of trust and unity that is needed to keep a family healthy and strong. There had been hope that there will be a rock bottom. That we would hit that low point just before all the good and great that we are, is flung off the cliff and into an abyss from which we cannot return. But it would seem that there is no rock bottom for the extreme insane radicals that have taken over the Democrat party. They are committed to scorch earth tactics; they will be as lawlessness as necessary and expect no consequences. The latest case in point is Fani Willis debacle.

The spectacle in Fulton County Courthouse has been a horror show ever since they went complete satanic in charging President for expressing concerns over the massive voter fraud in the democrat encampment of Fulton County and demanding clean and honest election results. The party that orchestrated the voter fraud doubled down and charged Trump for expressing his lack of support for the voter fraud and so they brought up trumped up RICO charges which are wholly inappropriate to bring before the court. The horror show darkens when it was discovered that Fani Willis, the democrat prosecutor, brought in her boyfriend who she was committing adultery and used this opportunity to defraud the taxpayer by going on vacations and living it up with him. She over paid him as a means to defraud the taxpayer. She then proceeded to lie about the relationship and the fact that he is not competent to try a case like this. She committed perjury. She defrauded the taxpayer. She falsified legal documents regarding her relationship with her boyfriend and the conflict interest. She did all of this and yet still remains on the case courtesy of the presiding Judge McAfee who along with donating to her campaign to be Fulton County D.A., also worked under her for several years. Now he is running to be elected to his current judgeship where mostly democrat voters will vote and he is just 34 years old. He is just at the beginning of his career. Hmm… And as icing on this cesspool cake, this illicit and corrupt ball got rolling with Fani’s visit to the White house where Biden’s staff and her met to rig the 2024 election by blocking Trump to get on the ballot with this prosecution. Oh, in keeping with her history, she lied about the White house visit also. Imagine if the Trump attorneys did any one of these acts, would this media or this judge respond in this soft handed way? So, Fani gets a little love tap on her fanny while our nation becomes the butt of jokes.

Do we really want this to be the new normal. This is what left-wing fascism looks like. Corrupt officers of the court, corrupt judges, propaganda left-wing press and social media all in on it, all colluded to maximize the left-wing attack. And all in coordination with Corruption Joe who stole the Presidency. This is what socialism looks like in America. We don’t have to wonder about what socialism in America would look like anymore. This year, it probably all ends. One way or another, we save the American Republic or we become dark and forever hopeless like California, Detroit, Chicago, New York…But if we do win, those who are responsible for all the horrors that has been inflicted on our nation must be charged, tried and if found guilty, punished. They must suffer pain. We cannot go through this again. WE will no longer have good candidates ever run for office because the machine will destroy them. If they can do this to a President, then everything and everyone is fair game to be targeted and crushed by corrupt courts, FBI, IRS D.O.J., social media, the press, etc…

With Appreciation and Hope,
Nelson Velez