American Freedom-Born in Virginia. Now the fight to resurrect it in Virginia

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It is now July. We are an occupied nation. The Crime syndicate that committed the worst act of treason in American history in the annihilation of our free and open elections in 2020 has taken over power in opposition to millions of legal honest clean votes. The majority of Americans did not vote for their radical and insane agenda. They did not vote for a commander in thief. We know what they did. They know that we know. We cannot [...]

Freedom Rising from the Ashes

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It has been over a year and a half since the patriot tea party groups and their treasured natural allies have been able to come together in a summit. We have always been a surprisingly tough adversary - tenacious, resolute and principled. But, as it was for us in the beginning over a decade ago continues to be true today. Our magic comes from being together in real time, in a real place, among real people. The time for [...]

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Aunt Jemima is no more, Uncle Ben is now just Ben, and Eskimo Pies are as offensive as the Frito Bandito and have been banished from corporate America. All Native American named sports teams are under fire for names, logos, and mascots. How long until kids’ cereals are stripped of anthropomorphic animals due to their improper depictions of real, live animals? Are Snap, Crackle, and Pop racist? Will Charlie the Tuna be removed next? Given all that “woke” offence [...]


The Last Charge of the Good, the Brave and the Sane

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There has been an urgent refrain that has been echoing through every election cycle since 1980, when the reelection of the most disastrous administration (at that time) in history was front and center. Almost every election since then has been fraught with dire warnings of "this being the most important election of our lifetime." The unfortunate truth is that these warnings have all been real and accurate. Now in 2021, Virginia faces an election that may have already been [...]

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A Nation of Mobs

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The past year has been a terrible one to witness. So many deep attacks from so many fronts. It was the 1st time in our history that our economy was deliberately shut down for any reason. Businesses, families, workers were told to stay home. We were told not to attend church. Our economy collapsed and businesses were gasping to remain viable. It seemed all of us were suffering the same fate together, but we found out to our shock, [...]

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VATP Live Streaming Event: VA Attorney General Candidate Forum

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Join us Tuesday, April 26th as we present our online live streaming Attorney General Candidate Forum.

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The Silicon Curtain

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(like the Iron Curtain with the same freedom crushing purpose) In the beginning, we were clustered in small communities. We knew one another and lived and died together for better or worse. The sharing of ideas was face to face in hardware stores, marketplaces, taverns and churches. It was centralized and it worked. The birth of our nation was due to the ease in which we could create a space, a public square where ideas, the good ones and [...]

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A Nightmare for Employers

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Have you read the Virginia Human Rights Act? In 2020 it expanded safeguards to include unlawful discrimination in employment because of sexual orientation and gender identity in addition to other characteristics. HB2155 expands upon illegal discriminatory practices to include workplace harassment. It includes physical, verbal, pictorial, auditory or visual, whether in person or by transmittal and includes “any conduct that is humiliating or degrading and whether the conduct reflects stereotypes about individuals in the protected class”. A single incident [...]

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A Republic Imprisoned

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We are an occupied nation. We've witnessed the ending of our Republic with the successful theft of millions of legal votes and with that, the coup that has been ongoing for 4 years finally achieved success. The Democrats have stolen into the halls of power with the capture of the Presidency and Congress. The senate and the presidency owe its allegiance and power not to We the People, but to Democrat crime bosses who determined the outcomes of the 2020 [...]

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