Just a Few Things We Know
Some self-evident truths to trigger even the most stalwart left-wing fascist.

1. We know that America has been the greatest nation in the history of world since its birth in 1776.
2. We know that the ideals of America were something to always strive for and though we failed many times to achieve that perfect state, those ideals have always remained that great goal for that more perfect union.
3. We know that those founding principles and values expounded on and fought for by our founding fathers stand as the reason freedom and rights became a possibility not only for our nation, but for the world.
4. We know that people and movements both foreign and domestic have found these self-evident truths, as encapsulated in our constitution, as a serious threat to their ideologies and have acted to undermine and destroy our Republic from that beginning to this day.
5. From those who supported the divine rule of kings at the birth of our nation to those campus fascists who today divide and shut down the opposing voices with intimidation and violence, dark and subversive forces have relentlessly been at work to darken and degrade the tenets of our freedoms and constitution.
6. The same movements that supported the king to oppose our Republic in favor of a centralized powerful government are the same kind of movements which today support an all-powerful centralize government to control “We the People”. They work to make Individual rights and freedoms subordinate to the state. They push to degrade the rule of law to a more malleable rule of men where the law is whatever the power brokers dictate and where the end justifies the means.
7. Today, rule of law, our Constitution and our lives, fortunes and sacred honor are all hanging by a divine thread.
8. A sane and stable people know the difference between males and females and they would never affirm mental illness and perversion as good and normal. They would never inflict this sexual confusion on children but protect their innocence and welfare.
9. A healthy and strong nation supports stable families, a just society based on rule of law, sound economic practices and secure borders. Any movement that counters these societal truths exists as a clear and present danger to our nation.

Just 9 things to motivate patriots by affirming the horror show we have been subjected to these past several decades. But it does end in November. One way or the other it ends with this election. Either the good guys win which would signal the long overdue purge of the bad, the ugly and the insane from government or the last nail is slammed into our Republic and that light from the shinning city on the hill is extinguished forever. Whatever happens in November will be as a result of what we do now. We will look back at this time either with regrets for not having done enough or with appreciation for the things we did that led to our nation and our republic being restored. It is time to impose our will and beat down the bad guys who have held sway over all of us for far too long.

With Appreciation and Hope,
Nelson Velez