It’s still the economy, stupid!

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IT’S STILL THE ECONOMY, STUPID! by Deborah Giffin, VATP Chair of Direct Legislative Action (DLA) April 15, 2009 was the day for rallies in about 750 locations across the country. Since that day, the Tea Party movement has been active in many areas. At first, gatherings of like-minded folks rallied around the “Taxed Enough Already!” ideology. Large gatherings such as the 9.12 March on Washington energized a fellowship of mostly white, middle-class conservatives. As the movement matured it has [...]

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Elections and Values – Budget and the Economy

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BUDGET AND THE ECONOMY If you are a Tea Party member, you most likely remember the quote “it’s the economy, stupid!” Well, it still is. We believe in free market capitalism! Instead of addressing the need for appropriate checks and balances to ensure a balance between employer and employees, the current discussion in the media and among progressives is to demonize Capitalism and glorify Socialism. The conservative platform is less regulation, free markets, and fair compensation in a mutually beneficial [...]

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Fiscal Policy – A Primer on Debt and Deficit

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Found this educational resource today on the debt and deficit. Its a 3-part series from John Taylor discusses the major components of fiscal policy and their effect on the US economy. This series covers the complexities of the budget process, the debt and deficit, and the economy and the deficit. Main Series Page The Budget Process The Debt and the Deficit The Economy and the Deficit If you'd like to brush up on your knowledge, or think that your [...]

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