War to End All Things America

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On January 6th 2021, a monumental and historic event will take place in the streets of our Capital. We the People will rally our nation to undo the massive fraud and abuse of the 2020 election and force the restoration of honest votes demanding that clean and legal votes be counted and that the illegal votes be purged to prevent false ballots, voting fraud machines and corrupted results to determine our election. The crime was committed openly and with brazen [...]

A Time for our Phoenix to Rise

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We are now rising. We are standing our ground. We are now in motion and taking action. We have already spoken many words which set the foundational groundwork for action that will rise from what is spoken. We have considered what is happening and spoken volumes on the threat to all of us. But like a seed planted and nourished with enriching words to grow, if the result is not the blossoming fruit of action then everything withers away. Time [...]

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VATP Digital Event: 2020 RPV Chairman Candidate Debate

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We conducted the only Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) Chairman forum available State-wide via Facebook Live Stream on Wednesday July 22nd, 2020 at 7:00PM

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We watch in somber silence as our Republic burns. We witness major respected corporations pour their wealth into these left wing hate groups. We watch in disbelief as Democrat elected officials and even police chiefs march in solidarity with these racist hate groups who advocate lawlessness and crime. They demand homage and tributes and in shock, we watch as they receive all their demands instead of imprisonment. Democrat congressmen bowed, literally got down on their knees, as they embrace the [...]

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Lobby Day Logistics and Important Information

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ere are several things you need to know if coming to the VCDL Lobby Day on January 20th.

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How to Address Your Delegate and Senator after the Election

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How to address your Delegate and Senator after the election, before the start of the General Assembly Contact in writing to the campaign office listed at their election material if not the incumbent. Address the fact that the person is now YOUR representative in the General Assembly, citing what district you are in. Identify yourself and your affiliation. If the representative is in concert with your ideals, note it and offer your support in the upcoming session, noting the challenges [...]

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A Bad Moon Arising

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The left wing mob has breached our General Assembly and will now impose their destructive and subversive ideology on all of us. And yes, Virginia, you can buy elections. The election that was bought and paid for by the deep pockets of left wing billionaires, labor unions and abortion mills will now rain down on our Commonwealth terrible and unacceptable laws. Elections do have consequences. The stage was initially set by the redistricting whose lines frequently and, so ever [...]

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Elections and Values – Education

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Education What we are seeing is a government mandated education system creating a generation of liberal activists. We are teaching "fairness," "climate change," "diversity," "tolerance," and "humanism," but not the 3 R’s. Is there a way back to the basics of education? Overview: B.F. Skinner famously said “Give me a child and I’ll shape him into anything.” Lenin said “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” Are you [...]

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Elections and Values – Budget and the Economy

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BUDGET AND THE ECONOMY If you are a Tea Party member, you most likely remember the quote “it’s the economy, stupid!” Well, it still is. We believe in free market capitalism! Instead of addressing the need for appropriate checks and balances to ensure a balance between employer and employees, the current discussion in the media and among progressives is to demonize Capitalism and glorify Socialism. The conservative platform is less regulation, free markets, and fair compensation in a mutually beneficial [...]

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Elections and Values – The Second Amendment

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THE SECOND AMENDMENT The Constitution contains statements about our God-given rights and enumerates freedoms that we have in the United States, including the Second Amendment right to bear arms. Over time, these rights have become restricted as laws – such as those prohibiting felons from possessing guns, requiring background checks, or setting a minimum age to own a firearm – have been passed. After each tragic act of violence, one response is usually to encourage gun ownership so that [...]

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