So, we see the desolation of our Republic unfold right before our eyes. During the Clinton administration we saw the foundations of lawlessness unchecked and unaccountable establish its deep roots. The lawlessness of the Clinton presidency was never before experienced at such flagrant and unapologetic levels. The continuous waiver of law and justice excusing mountains of evidence of illegal behavior was indefensible. It also exposed the depths of the corrupt media and their takeover by the Democrat party. Until the Clinton’s crime spree, the full extent of the Democrat corruption of the media was only speculated. When our nation allowed the criminal activity by the Clinton’s to go unpunished, it signaled the end our being a nation of laws and we became a nation ruled by thugs and men.

The FBI has not been held accountable for their 5-year attempt to execute a coup on a duly elected President. No one went to jail. Not one person suffered over the great harm done to our nation and our Republic over the Russian Delusion Collusion. So, without consequences for historic abuses of power, the FBI, under the left-wing masters, has now gone nuclear. They now target parents expressing alarm over their children being abused with racist ideology and sexual perversion in the classroom. They set up operations for mass arrests of patriots in a contrived “insurrection” on Jan. 6 to entrap good people who now rot in jail as political prisoners in a DC gulag without adequate representation and imprisoned isolation. These are Americans who cannot even be charged with trespassing. They rot in isolation while lawless thugs who burned our cities, towns and communities to the ground and looted our businesses and killed our police are cheered and celebrated. This is the state of our Republic.

Now we witnessed the natural escalation of lawlessness from a party that has weaponized every powerful institution under the sun and has abused all levers of power from fake Russia investigations to waiving all forms of lawlessness from left-wing operatives from Obama to Hilary all the way down to the street thugs that populate Antifa and BLM. Now they have descended to violating the constitutional rights of a duly elected President of the US by invading his home with armed FBI agents without just cause or legal standing. The judge approving this was a Obama donor and was so biased against Trump that he recused himself from an earlier case involving Trump citing his bias. Yet he signed the approval for this attack.

The left has no bottom. They will continue to descend into greater depths of lawlessness and fascism. We have to fight this now. We are and will always stand against evil even when evil lives right next door or when it dwells in the White House.

With Resolve,
Nelson Velez