So good to be able to report that our Surge & Purge Summit was a resounding success. It’s not just a tea party success story, but it is a good omen for all of us. The tea party movement has focused on building that army of good people and good groups. All of us seem to face the same left-wing crushing machine and many have been victimized by its destructive power. We have always presented ourselves as individuals and that same individual approach also seems to apply to the freedom groups. And so, we frequently find ourselves out gunned and gutted by overwhelmingly powerful left-wing forces that unite and crush with ease the individuals and the single groups targeted for annihilation. Cancel culture has become a successful and entertaining blood sport for the left and the carnage has been terrible. It’s not that we don’t care for those targeted or that we don’t want to help, it’s that the mindset is that we are individuals and work separately with all the gains and all the pains that go with it. And that is how it used to be, but good winds of change have been blowing and now we are hitting a tipping point that may become our paradigm shift.

Over the last several years, many people and many groups have begun coordinating schedules and linking arms to counter the insane evil that the American left has become. This happened because these groups are natural allies facing off against the same left-wing machine. The major reason for this change now is that here in Virginia, we faced utter annihilation from the left. For Virginia to become a total one-party Democrat state was unacceptable, especially when that party, as it amassed power, more resembled a criminal syndicate than a political party. The stakes were at an all-time high in Virginia’s elections last year and the consensus was that if the outcome went badly, we would not survive as a viable freedom and constitutional movement against the left in Virginia. The urgency and grim resolve broke down those traditional territorial barriers and made it so that we linked arms, marshaled our armies, moved our pieces and faced down the enemy on the political battlefield. And we won.

And so, how is the state of our coalitions? Well, they are stronger than ever and it is my intent to make them stronger. Among the tea party ranks, we will be welcoming a powerful new group made up of physicians and medical personnel. The Virginia Medial Freedom Alliance, whose leadership made such a strong impression during our Surge and Purge Summit has requested to join the Virginia Tea Party. And that is great news! Among our natural allies, we remain in good communication with one another and hope to improve on that. One good indicator of a healthy coalition is the support that each of these groups lend to one another’s events and initiatives. We remain strong on that front with packed events held by all of our coalition partners. And as witnessed a couple of weeks ago, our Surge and Purge Summit was well attended and our natural allies sponsored that event in record numbers. All this, and more, bodes well for our future. We have to remain united and resolute. It is now not enough to defeat the left, but we must crush them and if we are able to take control of the state houses, and find that the left had engaged in criminal activity to win elections or are coordinating with left-wing violent groups to riot or intimidate, then criminal charges need to be brought. We will not tolerate any more of the burning, looting, lawlessness, voter fraud and abuses of power. What our nation has endured, especially over the last decade, is not America and we will not forever cease to be America without a united fight! Time to marshal our forces, set the pieces in motion, and finish the job!

With Resolve & Appreciation,
Nelson Velez
Virginia Tea Party Federation