So you think that at some point, the left will finally hit a bottom. There’s got to be a bottom somewhere.. a floor where they will slow and eventually stop as they approach rock bottom. Every time the left crosses a line, hope springs that this will finally be their bottom and they will stop this incessant descent down into the unsavory depths of lawlessness, depravity and hatred. But no. Every time they cross a line, another deeper, lower line is revealed and, once again, our societal collapse relentlessly continues to an ever darker and ever toxic place.

So now after years of riots, lawlessness and violence throughout our nation led by left wing thugs and warlords (Occupy Wall street, ANTIFA, BLM) from the streets on the bottom, to decades of abuse of power from powerful government agencies (IRS, FBI, DOJ,…) from the top, we have witnessed the steady transformation that Obama spoke so stridently about in 2008. So many lines crossed, so much destruction and violence, so much unchecked abuse of power, all inflicted on every American and all perpetrated without any significant consequences, condemnation or arrests. All this with the complicit media laundering the lies from the left and muddying the truth from everyone else and turning us inside out.

Last week, another ominous line was crossed. For the 1st time in American history, a president of the US declared more than half the nation enemies of the state and declared war on them. We already have over 900 political prisoners rotting away in isolation DC jails for coming out in support of our Republic and our elections on Jan. 6th. Most can’t even be charged with trespassing with the police force waving them into the Capitol like earnest Walmart greeters. Now in a speech glowing in hellish red and backed by US Marines, comes a hateful Biden proclaiming over half the nation as a threat. And this on the heals of illegally sending armed thugs to ransack the home of a US President.

So in less than a year, Biden has imprisoned over 900 patriots in DC gulags, while real criminals overrun our nation without consequences. He has declared parents, who resist having their children indoctrinated into racial hatred, embracing Marxism, and being inflicted with every horrible perversion under the sun, as domestic terrorist to be targeted by the FBI. He has destroyed our economy, our energy independence and our border. And as we approach the midterms, he and his party remain the biggest threat to honest, transparent and clean elections.

So the real question remains, does America bow to this emergence of fascism from the left or do we come together and vanquish this evil ideology from the political stage? What more destruction and harm does Biden and the radical left have to do before every good American realizes the danger we all face? Biden’s red speech made it clear where they are taking this nation and they show no signs of hitting a bottom.

With Resolve,
Nelson Velez