The Virginia Medical Freedom Alliance (VAMFA) is sponsoring an open and uncensored public forum on October 1, 2022 about the public health system’s management of COVID in Virginia. Virginia government health officials have repeatedly declined requests from VAMFA to present the results of their COVID public health policies and treatments to date and have an open dialogue with Virginia doctors and medical scientists about alternative COVID prevention and treatment approaches. Thousands have died from COVID as a result of being denied access to life-saving early treatment ​and from injuries from the experimental genetic COVID shots.

VAMFA is a non-profit, non-partisan coalition of Virginia doctors, allied healthcare professionals, organizations, and citizens. We are concerned and alarmed by the public health system’s encroachment to the point of a stranglehold on the ability of healthcare professionals to provide scientific evidence-based ethical care to Virginians during the COVIDcrisis. VAMFA’s mission is to educate, engage and restore Americans’ God-given rights and the Constitutional restraints on government upon which our country was built.

The public health system, abetted by Big Pharma, hospitals, Big Tech, and the corrupt mainstream media, has brutally suppressed the truth since the beginning of the COVIDcrisis in 2020. The official NIH-FDA-CDC-VDH narrative and the illusion of scientific consensus that “COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective” and “Benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks” are false and misleading based on abundant and growing evidence. Public health communications to Virginia citizens have exaggerated or misrepresented the effectiveness of the COVID vaccine and ignored or misrepresented their risks.

It particularly has failed to disclose that healthy children have almost no risk of COVID and derive almost negligible benefit from the shots but are at much higher risk of catastrophic injuries including death. More vaccine-associated deaths have been reported in the U.S. overall since its December 2020 release than for all other vaccines in the last 30 years combined. Based on reports in the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), the actual number of U.S. COVID vaccine-associated deaths is estimated to exceed 500,000. Most shocking is an astounding 84% increase in excess deaths (61,000) from the pre-COVID baseline (January 2020) to January 2022 in healthy U.S. working-age millennials (25-44 years), with death spikes coinciding with the vaccine mandates and boosters. There are unprecedented levels of miscarriage in vaccinated pregnant women and serious future fertility concerns particularly for vaccinated girls and women. While the risks of serious COVID illness and death are highest in the very old and unhealthy, the risks of serious injury, long-term disability and death from the vaccine are alarmingly elevated in healthy younger persons who are at the beginning of their lives. Important vaccine risk information such as this was not disclosed to us vaccination targets. They also did not disclose the fact that the COVID vaccine manufacturing companies like Pfizer and Moderna have total immunity from liability if something unintentionally goes wrong after we or our children receive their vaccines, including serious injury or death.

The public health system has denied Virginians the fundamental human right of true informed consent about the experimental genetic COVID shots and other novel COVID drugs. That requires disclosing accurate and complete information about their risks, benefits and alternative options. Risks include what is known and how much is unknown. The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) has repeatedly failed to offer objective quantitative information or evidence that would form the basis of an informed consent discussion and churns out only the unconscionable and unsubstantiated “safe and effective” messaging. VDH has ignored, censored and demonized dissenting scientific viewpoints and evidence of harm reported in adverse event reporting databases, the vaccines’ own clinical trial data before they were publicly released and by Virginia doctors, other healthcare professionals and citizens. They label it misinformation and call the reporters deniers.

VAMFA defends the basic human right to freedom of thought and conscience and each individual’s legal right to make informed, voluntary and private health choices for themselves and their children without coercion, inducements, retaliation or social restrictions.

There actually would be no need for a COVID vaccine or expensive new investigational drugs, particularly ones that are neither safe nor effective, if VDH would enthusiastically promote, or just permit, the widespread use of medications in existing and proven life-saving prevention and early treatment protocols. Early in the COVIDcrisis, a group of world-renowned critical care doctors and scientists collaborated as the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) to quickly develop robust prevention and treatment protocols to fight COVID. These protocols “repurposed” numerous, inexpensive (off-patent), available medications that are already FDA-approved plus immune-fortifying nutritional therapies. Dozens of peer-reviewed studies clearly show that aggressive prevention and early outpatient multidrug treatment could have prevented at least 75 to 80 percent of the hospitalizations and deaths attributed to COVID.

VAMFA supports the unrestricted availability of all preventive and treatment options to all patients and all doctors in Virginia. Each doctor has the legal right to prescribe an FDA-approved medication for any reason they deem appropriate in their professional judgment, without intimidation or retribution including loss of licensure or employment.

Broadly implementing a time-honored and commonsense public health approach to managing an epidemic such as that described above, coupled with the high herd immunity that would occur due to natural COVID infection in the unvaccinated (with mostly non-serious illness due to aggressive early treatment), would have substantially hastened the end of COVID in the Commonwealth. It would have hastened the return of our Constitutional and basic human rights that have been violated in the name of an orchestrated public health crisis.

The mismanagement of the COVIDcrisis is the largest public health disaster in our lifetime. VAMFA wants Virginia to lead the nation in protecting her citizens from the harm of COVID and the so-called COVID vaccines and out of this orchestrated public health and societal catastrophe. The experimental genetic COVID injections are neither safe nor effective and it is time to stop them, particularly in children. It is time to lift the national state of medical emergency and return to an individualized approach to healthcare and honor, without exception, the sacred, private doctor-patient relationship and the fundamental right of personal informed consent about bodily autonomy. It is time to restore scientific integrity and the people’s shattered trust in medicine, which begins with free and open dialogue between doctors and medical scientists.

Come to the October 1 public forum to hear the evidence and decide for yourself. Please visit the Virginia Medical Freedom Alliance for more information and to register to attend in person or listen to the live-streamed event.

Please also sign and share widely VAMFA’s online citizen petition demanding that VDH and Health Commissioner Greene participate in the Forum.

They need to present the medical evidence upon which they made their COVID management recommendations to the public. We demand an uncensored and open scientific dialogue among Dr. Greene and Virginians Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA technology, and Dr. Paul Marik who have worked tirelessly to save lives in Virginia. It is time that Virginians who have lost so much during these two and a half years, suffer and rage alone and in silence no longer. We are real, not rare, and the VDH and Dr. Greene need to know that we are done being ignored, censored and demonized. We want the truth.