As we all know, the “big tech” companies are not always (or even frequently) friendly to conservatives and our organizations. We’re seeing cancellation of conservative organization’s account all across the tech companies, and ewven our own personal accounts are getting banned, or our audience getting minimized.

This is why the Virginia Tea Party, and many other conservative organizations, are always looking for alternative choices. For video hosting, we’ve moved to redundantly posting everything to, who has a much greater “freedom stance” regarding speech and the content posted therein. Additionally, is an up-and-coming blogging/personality-hosting community, to which we ‘re seeing many conservative voices migrate to have control over their own content. I have begun subscribing to a few communities in Locals, like Liz Wheeler (who left OAN) and Dinesh D’Souza.

We’re excited to announce the Rumble and Locals are merging, leveraging their growing power and technology independence to become even stronger together! If you or your conservative organization are looking for content-hosting platforms who lean towards freedom of speech, be sure to consider them as options.

Merger discussion: