We are in the thick of things in a seemingly endless battle. The degradation and lawlessness embraced by the left does not seem to have a bottom. That is why whenever a line is crossed or a major concession is offered, the left does not pause their divisive chaos operations or reunite with the nation in solidarity but imposing the next bad thing and the next degradation. In the last half century, the left has made major “progress” in the degradation of our morals, law and order, principles, and in our culture of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This downward descent is relentless. Unfortunately for all of us, the left seems to always double down and aggressively identify and embrace the next obnoxious, harmful, divisive regressive issue of the day and create yet another crusade to, once again, terrorize the nation. We are so tired of the drama!

Last Year, we had fought our last stand in Virginia and won against all odds. This year we face the natural follow up to that Virginia Miracle and we must win out not just in Va. but win on a national scale. What we did in our state last year must be replicated throughout the nation. And I am hopeful it will. We will soon find out in a couple of weeks.

But you may say “what about the voter fraud?! Nothing has been done and no one has gone to jail for what they did to our nation and for depriving millions of their legal vote!” Well, over the last 2 years major changes to counter the fraud we witnessed in 2020 has been passed in Arizona, Georgia, Penn… in most of the contested states where the voter fraud did the most significant damage. And jail time? Many have been charged and have been given prison time. What continues not to happen is honest news coverage. The media has suppressed and under reported these counter measures to the voter fraud and the election officials and voter fraud operatives charged with voter fraud. So there is reason to hope that what we did in Va. will be mirrored by the other states to electoral success throughout the nation. And that will bode well for our Republic and for the next elections to come where we will hopefully finish the job we begun in Va. With blow out defeats for the left in the House and the Senate, promises to be a punishing, purging and cleansing campaign long overdue and very much needed.

With Appreciation,
Nelson Velez