It was to be a wave of historic proportions. A wave to sink all the lawlessness of a political party gone dark and dangerous. It was to be the wave that promised to wash away the abuses of power from the destructiveness of the IRS to the corruption of the FBI, to the weaponized DOJ. It was to be the wave to inflict pain and retribution on the party that imposed terrible damage and harm to every aspect of American society. It was to be the wave to breech the blue walls of democrat fascism and usher in constitutional justice, law and order. It was to be the wave to stop the lawlessness and the systemic destruction of our Republic. It was America’s rescue wave that never rose above a trickle and with that trickle, our hopes and dreams to restore our battered and failing republic on election night seemed to evaporate with the suddenly shrinking wave. So, what caused the wave to collapse to a trickle? Like most issues, it was not just one thing.

First, there is the blue wave. It is artificial. It is media generated. It is a creation by an army of propagandist, professional liars and useful idiots. It is ever constant and it is powerful. The left-wing media has a monstrous mega phone that crosses many cultural, demographic and socioeconomic lines. It is cranking out left wing propaganda 24/7 and it is impactful. The left can commit a host of atrocities and inflict terrible damage and the media will simply blame the right or minimize the issues, like they have done with the border crisis. Or they can simply not report it at all or discredit the facts like they have done with the Joe and Hunter Biden scandals. With the left’s take-over of social media, we have witnessed a relentless and audacious censorship of free speech that heretofore, had been alien to American culture. Without any backlash to the indefensible censorship on behalf of the left, this toxic social media environment is rigged to filter out negatives of left-wing candidates while highlighting the positives. But woe unto the candidates of the right against whom customized algorithms take special care to shadow band, de platform, or outright suspend conservative voices. It has now become the new normal to tolerate and expect these kinds of outrages. Conservatives are regularly put through this left-wing filter that erases the positives of their positions while highlighting the negatives. In 2017, MIT professors, testified before Congress, warned of the threat to our election system if this is allowed to continue with the democrats enjoying an advantage that cannot be over-come. Ever. The professors testifying to this threat were life-long Democrats, but strongly opposed this massive voter manipulation by the left. This, along with the mind numb suicidal democrats who would vote for walking dead candidates (literally, this was the case in Pa. and for President in 2020) all constituted a blue wave that blunted the predicted red wave. And it was mainly what made us feel very blue the day after.

Next is the red wave. There’s been arguments put forth usually with one reason fits all approach. Some of these are convenient opportunities to make political points more than helpful analysis. The Trump factor has been front and center through all this. The left has abused its power in attacking Trump to no end. Do we really want to help them in blaming him for things he’s not really responsible for (refer to paragraph above). It is very helpful to the left to blame Trump for things for which he was not at fault. Many of his endorsed candidates won. Some lost. Both the winning and losing one’s battled without the support of Mitch McConnell who denied many strong candidate resources while spending funds to hurt Trump endorsed candidates in the primary. His role in all this actually can be rightfully criticized in an objective way. We had the better candidates and we had the better arguments. The GOP candidates could run on issues and were better to best. The left could not and their candidates were weak to worse. Lastly, the internal conflicts were crippling and split the GOP effort. Instead of a united front, Mitch McConnell deprived conservative candidates of needed resources in razor thin races. He poured 9 million dollars to get the Alaska RINO Lisa Murkowski to defeat her GOP conservative opponent while depriving viable candidates like Masters in Arizona of a single penny. This was seen as such an egregious meddling that the Alaskan GOP officially voted to censure Mitch. This wave should have buried the left. In the aftermath, there will be soul searching, but much of this could have been averted if we ensured clean and honest elections first and foremost. And a real disturbing fact is that the GOP actually improved its vote tally by 8 million votes. 8 million additional votes and the results were still this disappointing. No manner of branding, messaging, more money, or better candidates will overcome voter fraud, party infighting and social media algorithms in all its manifestations. These are the real issues that needs to be fixed and that would be the real game changer.

Finally, The Crime Wave. It is really disturbing to witness the embrace of criminal culture and lawlessness by the left. You ever wonder if criminals now represent democrats biggest voting bloc in light of the full throttle assault on our police and law enforcement? Crime is sky rocketing in Democrat controlled cities as a result of the “make crime great” mindset of the left. In this mix of lawlessness, the issue of voter fraud remains a major and deciding factor in these elections. The democrat’s refusal for transparency, the rejection of honest auditing the votes and the machines to ensure clean elections, and the efforts to legalize voter fraud operations from ballot harvesting, to drop boxes to endless election days, to saturation mail in ballots, to no valid ids, remains a damning indictment of the left and their commitment to all levels of voter fraud. The democrats are the party of voter fraud and they are election thieves. Voter fraud is what truly and completely destroys a Republic and in the overwhelming evidence of voter fraud in 2020, it was very disturbing that efforts to completely expose the fraud operations and ensure clean voting were blunted or blocked completely by democrats. Why would you not want to do everything you can to make elections open, honest and transparent? You would think that this would be a good thing embraced by all Americans. The left seems to need to keep things dark and confusing when it comes to our elections in order to win. Voter fraud prospers in darkness and chaos. And that America, that is the greatest threat to our Republic.

With Hope and Resolve,
Nelson Velez