Truth or Consequences was the title of our just completed and very successful summit. It received rave reviews and it was compelling with a powerful lineup and engaging topics. So let me speak on this topic in honor our wonderful summit last Saturday.

There was a long running game show named truth or consequences. Do you remember? It lasted decades. The game centered on telling the truth about a topic within seconds and failing that, there were consequences. It was usually something humiliating/embarrassing. The show became a hit and celebrities clamored to get on the show. It became obvious that frequently they would intentionally be untruthful to face the consequences because it was in the consequences that the drama could be unleashed and both the celebrity and the audience thirsted for the drama of the consequences. Well there’s no doubt that there has been an overflowing abundance of consequences for our nation last couple of decades to last a lifetime. My hope is that at some point people will finally tire of the horror show of such dire and destructive consequences and finally reject the radical left once and for all, before we really do thirst for the consequences and get addicted to the drama.

But the American People did not vote the left out of power in significant numbers.

So the American people actually want our borders open without protection, and our economy, our law enforcement our energy independence to continue to be blown up by the Democrats. Is that truth?

So the American people believe that voter fraud does not exist and that we should do nothing to protect clean and open elections. Or that censorship of beliefs and evidence of truth in favor of left-wing insanity is a good thing? Is that truth?

So the American people support our descent into left-wing fascism and so that is why the wave to wash away the extreme and radical democrats never came to pass? Is that truth?

So enough lies. Let’s have some helpings of truth.

So truth has its practical consequences, but as most here know, the consequences of successful deceptions can be far worst. Deception has always been intimately woven into the fabric of our body politic, but there was a time when the media could be trusted to ferret out some of this stuff, especially when it became egregious and dangerous. That train has long departed. Deception culture has exploded into a sophisticated industry. A money-making machine that never sleeps. And it has really gone off the charts the last 2 years. Now we are all in the cross hairs as the left has corrupted our science, social media, medical protocols, education. They have willfully crippled law enforcement and blown up our border security, and have created a monster in exploding inflation rates threatening to destroy completely our once powerful economy. The madness has now spread directly to our children from indoctrination into the racism of CRT to the introduction of sexual perversion to being threatened with biologic injection mandates on a young population that is at low risk for the Chin Wu virus but at high risk for serious life altering side effects. We stand on the edge of rupturing the very real distinction between serious mental illness and what is a good and healthy life. We use to be able to explore the deep questions of life and now we are stumped when considering the question of which bathroom to use.

All these things are at odds with our exceptional American culture and what a good and virtuous society ought to do and what it ought not to do and threatens the very fabric of our goodness and our heritage. Truth does not have an agenda and standing with the truth is the best way to counter all the distractions and evil that is threatening to consume all that is good.

With Resolve,
Nelson Velez

Photos from Flickr