So we enter 2023 with reason for hope. Our battle to restore Va. to a sane and good place enters its 3rd and final year. We have enjoyed success with these last statewide elections considering the obstacles facing good candidates who happen to not be in the Democrat party. However, the loss to a Democrat of a state senate seat once held by Jen Kiggans is a reminder that the best person may not win against a Democrat opponent when elections are so severely compromised. Serious concerns lie in existence of ballot harvesters, voting fraud machines that are not transparent by design and those countless mountains of mail in ballots that can’t  be verified in proper and reasonable fashion. These are the avenues of the left that allows the left-wing election thieves to beat honest legal voters time and time again. It is how the worst people can steal elections from the choices of We the People. This must be countered and the only way to do that is to pick off some of the state senate seats now held by radical extremist Democrats. And the only way to do that is to get involved now with tea party groups, the local GOP and become trained poll watchers and election officers. You must enter the belly of the beast.

So We now begin the final battle. We finish the job by ridding our state senate of the radicals and crazies that infest our senate this year. The start of any mission is really everything to ensure good outcomes. Those initial plans at the start can doom everything or guarantee a victory. Get involved, but also look to actively bring in friends and family. It is in everyone’s interest in the long run to have a sane and stable society.  So let’s just overwhelm our enemies that threaten our elections and our future as a Republic. WE need everyone in the game to win this final battle for the Va. State Senate. It is time for the Blue Wall of Death in the Senate to come crumbling down. Join us and don’t forget to bring your sledge hammers.

With Hope and Resolve,
Nelson Velez