From Chinese spy balloons lazily floating over American skies to Chinese spies embedded and working as staff, drivers and girlfriends for Democrat senators and congressman, to millions of American money being illegally poured into the creation of killer viruses in the Wuhan laboratory in China, the Chinese appear to have enjoyed a very close and profitable relationship with the Democrat Party for a long time. And as an exclamation point for the nation and the world to see, the Chinese sends a spy balloon floating ever so leisurely across the US only to be stopped once it has already completed its spy mission and had already left mainland USA. A more definitive indictment on the presidency being at the beck and call of the Chinese could scarcely be found. The generous investment on China Joe by the communist Chinese has reaped great returns, and it remains a gift that keeps on giving to the detriment of our nation and our future prospects.  The Biden family has reaped untold riches from bribery operations funneled through his son. And it is a fact that Biden has for the last half a century, stolen countless boxes of classified documents, risking felony charges, to be made available to the highest bidder.  The investigations has found classified documents illegally in Biden’s possession going back to the 70’s. If the mainstream press had even the slightest sliver of integrity, there would be a media storm of outrage.

The Twitter files continue to shed light on the systemic demolition of freedom and rights that go far beyond freedom of speech. Within these archives, the depths and reach of the unholy alliance between the FBI and social media was exposed. Understand that these files were never meant to see the light of day. These files were to be forever kept secret by the fascistic left wing twitter staff that made it OK to cancel out every voice and thought not compatible with the radical left. The surprise purchase of Twitter by a non left wing fascist is the only reason we know the threat by social media has been to our elections, democracy, freedom of speech and the threat to our property and person. The cancel culture in this collaboration was exclusively against the views of good conservative Americans. One could only imagine what the extent is with Facebook, Google and YouTube both of which has been extremely destructive to First Amendment rights and to the very integrity of our elections. They have funded illegal initiatives to promote Democrat candidates  and have systematically silenced and censored to such abusive levels that the Nazis could only dream of doing.

Biden is not just compromised. He is not just criminal. He is a traitor. A traitor for money with no apparent allegiance to God or Country. Unfortunately he is a true representative of the party he leads. The Democrat Party is a national party no more. Don’t take my word for it. This is the actual title of a book written by Zell Miller, a national Democrat leader, who having endured the 8 years of criminal behavior by Clinton and witnessed his party defend and protect this behavior, wrote that book a little over 20 years ago. Biden and the current crop of extremist are the consequences for not dealing with all the criminal behavior on public display during the Clinton years. The belief that laws are not to be easily enforced against a Democrat has taken deep root and that is why the lawless, the insane  the perverted, and yes, the communist Chinese have found a perfectly comfy place in the Biden Democrat Party.

With Resolve,

Nelson Velez