So, what can you say about the 4th Estate and their unholy relationship with the Democrat party? These same reporters who viciously attacked President Trump for 5 years over small trifling issues no matter how petty or barring that, they simply made controversies up with the help of the Democrat deception machine (remember, the infamous Russian collusion delusion?) now are going ballistic in their efforts to throttle the truth of what happened on Jan 6th from ever being shown. Truth that has been hidden to America. Vindicating Truth that has even been denied those fateful patriots that still remain rotting in the DC gulags. Why? These same attack dogs under Trump have turned into helpful lap dogs under Biden and the formerly Democrat Congress moved heaven and earth to hide the crimes of the century under the ill begotten Biden regime. Biden is truly the corrupt politician of our times. Arguably, he is giving the Clinton’s a real run for their money as the most corrupt Presidential regime in our history! He is truly the face, soul and heart of the nasty Democrat party who orchestrated the shameless J-6 show trial and made sure that video evidence that would have exonerated many of these 1000 patriots rotting in DC gulags, never found that light of day. Absolute evil incarnate. Federal DC judges that allowed this evidence to not be admitted in court would also be complicit in this denial of constitutional rights and justice. They all need to face justice for this indefensible violation of constitutional rights. The Democrat deception machine even brought in a professional. AN ABC producer was brought in to spice up the J-6 Show trial and even added the sound effects of screaming and yelling which didn’t actually happen. It was fake for public propaganda and gaslighting. They tampered with evidence. It was added for that much needed punch! Malice on steroids! They need to pay for this abuse of power, not only for justice’s sake, but also to ensure that our Republic remains a nation of laws.

The lies, corruption, and lawlessness from the bowels of the Democrat party, to the media organs throughout the nation, to the colossal social media platforms, to the hallowed federal DC courts is absolutely overwhelming. For all good Americans that does not want this nation to descend into a banana republic, this injustice must not stand. They all viewed the videos. They all knew the truth and kept from being used as evidence to harm innocent patriots and kept it from the American to advance a dark left-wing political agenda. Maybe that explains why this J-6 committee was compelled to bring in an ABC producer to punch up the tape with editing and maliciously add the screams and yelling, none of which was present in the original video.

There was no insurrection. This was a fact from that day one. Police were instructed to provoke the crowds with batons, tear gas and flash bombs. Police were recorded striking protesters without provocation. We have seen video evidence of the police encouraging protesters to enter the Capitol. Barriers were removed, police waved the crowds in and doors were opened. A guy with Viking horns was given a personal escorted tour. So why did the media all scream insurrection? No law enforcement officer was killed. No. The only ones murdered that day was innocent unarmed woman by a DC cop who was never charged or investigated for this murder. Why? And why was the virulent anti police media so agreeable with this killing? Ashley Babbitt an unarmed air force veteran shot and killed deserved better. America deserves better. In one instance, an unconscious woman was continually beaten with a baton while the crowds begged for her safety and for medical help. She never recovered and later that day died. We have not heard much about this barbaric incident. Why? There were other patriots who died that day. Why haven’t we heard about them? The officer who was reported to have died that day at the hands of protesters, actually was not killed or harmed that day. Video and forensic evidence proves that as a fact. Why did the Democrat machine with the media allies perpetrate this lie? And how do we allow this deception to stand if we want to remain a nation of laws and not a nation of frauds? Now, only because we were able to overcome the systemic voter fraud enough to turn the House over to the GOP, we can now actually see the actual untampered video evidence and now we all know why the Democrats and the media worked so hard to keep this from the American people. Profiles in courage now include Tucker Carlson and House Speaker McCarthy. Thank you. It is said that it is the mark of a corrupt and fallen society when a true act of courage is when the truth is spoken. Now that we know, will we demand justice and retribution or do we turn away and accept this as the new normal for all of us.

With Somber Resolve,
Nelson Velez