The years long looting, violence and riots across our nation, the violations of rights of the J-6 political prisoners, the attacks, burning, desecration of our churches by left wing hate groups, the subversion of our 2020 elections, the criminalization of our judicial system as well as the IRS, FBI, Dept. of Justice and endless others, have changed our nation. Left wing assassins looking to kill Supreme Court Justices without even an objection by the Democrat party. Roving bands of criminals terrorizing cities with impunity with the blessings of Soros elected attorneys. The takeover of our nation by bad people with obscene ideologies is absolutely overwhelming. Are all the good people good with this? Where is the mother of all backlashes? When will the left suffer the pain and consequences that is long overdue?

Well, to eat this whale, it must be done piecemeal, one bite at a time.

We start with the last line the left has crossed in its headlong embrace of banana republic abuses.

So imagine we witness a rigged election and the person who stole the election, immediately starts to imprison supporters of the person who actually won the election. He purges military and civil positions of those who are or may be supporters. And then, he utilizes the power of the state to destroy his #1 political rival by charging him with a trumped-up charge to prevent him from being able to run. If our state dept witnessed this, we would condemn that leader and that govt. as a corrupt banana republic. Who would ever imagine that our nation would allow this kind of criminalization of our courts and govt. agencies to stand. Who would have thought that America would ever descend to Venezuela style corruption and abuse of power.

We condemn the criminalization of our Judicial system to destroy the political enemies of democrats in power. We condemn DA. Bragg for criminalizing the DA’s office in gross violation of American rights and in this blatant attempt to destroy the political rival of the current president. We demand the immediate resignation of DA Bragg. We also demand Soros owned DA Bragg be prosecuted for leaking sealed and privileged Grand Jury information which is a real felony. Barring any concession to these demands, we would ask that Congress subpoena Bragg to account for this abuse of power and violation of Trump’s civil rights. He is using federal funds for this attack. Congress has a duty to investigate any misuse of funds and hold Bragg accountable for any violation in their use. In addition, if there is refusal to cooperate in any way, then Congress must defund the NY DA office.

The evidence that the FBI has been severely compromised has been mounting over the last decade. The level and extreme criminal actions taken by the FBI on behalf of the Democrat Party has been alarming. As revelations of their corruption has been unveiled, instead of tamping down their democrat partisan operations, they have continued to commit ever greater acts of abuse and lawlessness. The spectrum of assaults on the rights of Americans now run the full spectrum from J-6 patriots, to parents concerned over the assault of obscene left-wing ideology that their children are being subjected to every day, to pastors and their families being targeted for FBI raids for protesting abortion mills, to the targeting of the Catholic church to the ransacking of the private residence of a US President without just cause and the list continues in an endless grotesque parade of police state control and intimidation tactics.

In light of the clear and present danger the FBI poses to all Americans, we condemn this abuse of power and the criminalization of this most powerful agency. The ongoing threat is unacceptable and therefore we demand that Congress immediately defund the FBI on national security concerns until such a time that the criminal elements can be purged from this agency.

There are many pressing threats on our nation from many fronts, but the source of these threats all come from a leftward direction. Although we face many serious crises, these 2 issues remain the ones that impact most intimately on our very survival and security. WE are no longer secure in our papers and person. Our local DA and the FBI directly affects the very fabric of civil society and if these institutions are compromised, then all our lives are at high risk as we now bear witness with the historic surge in crime and the attacks on good people. It is time to purge criminal culture out of law enforcement.

With Resolve
Nelson Velez