The left has taken off their masks. Until recent times, the left would feign indignant outrage over being accused of not caring about our nation or being a threat to the country’s welfare and national security all the while they were being a threat and dangerous. But now, they don’t even care to go through the motions of presenting themselves as good Americans. They have taken off the masks. This is crucial because the reason the masks were in place is the real belief that they could still lose if their agenda were out in the open. The masks could only really come off when they believed that they already won and there was little chance of defeat. Actually, they always wanted to be able to openly proclaim their destructive agenda without fear of defeat. They believe that they have achieved that victory now. So now, their masks are off and they openly stand with the historic disaster that we are enduring in our national security, elections, education, law enforcement and our economy.


We can add the Supreme Court to that impressive list that has been targeted for being compromised. They have unleashed the mob to directly attack our Supreme Court. The espionage committed by a left-wing clerk of one of the left-wing Justices directly led to endangering the lives of the Justices by the ever present and ever ready left-wing mob. The mob intimation has become so much a standard operating procedure. It is a felony to terrorize the Supreme Court, but the nice benefit of being a left-wing thug is that there seems to be no consequence to criminal and violent behavior as demonstrated when the left unleashed its fury on our nation over the last decade. Of course, the left-wing Justices remain safe from any attacks. The only Justices who need to worry are the ones who may adhere to the Constitution.  The trust within this sanctuary has now been breached and the court without that bedrock of trust cannot operate.  Unless the truth comes out on this violation of security and the perpetrators prosecuted to the full extent of the law, the confidential protocol that has worked since the beginning of our Republic will no longer be in effect, crippling our Court. The left did this, just as they destroyed the integrity of our vote, our border, education, the security of classified information (thank you Clinton), the trust in the FBI, IRS, NSA, and the Justice Dept to be impartial and nonpolitical. We can’t even trust our medical protocols and medical remedies for disease or such benign things like weather reports (thank you global warming). We are drowning in a sea of left-wing toxic lies, fraud and corruption.


If Satan had a political party, he could find no better home than the Democrat Party of the 21st Century.  From the lavish profits and celebration of killing unborn babies to making our cities a haven for left-wing hate groups and illegal aliens to destroying and gutting our national security with open borders  to unchecked rioting and violence on our streets to wrecking our economy and our energy independence, the left has embraced every evil under the sun while attacking with fury anything that supports the Constitution, common sense, election integrity or any belief in God. And as icing on the devil’s food cake, the left now has proclaimed supremacy over the raising of our children and are inflicting all manner of perversion, socio-sexual nastiness and racial bigotry on in the classroom.


The nation is learning that the battle is not entirely political. It is not simply right versus left, Republican versus Democrat, Conservative versus liberal, but it is all about good versus evil. And evil wants to devour all that is good and remarkable about our Republic. The left has gone so extreme that good democrats and independents are leaving this party in throes. The walk away movement has many good people leaving the democrat party. Blexit describes blacks who have turned away from the evil that the democrat party now embraces. The good can still win this battle, but the good must join the army of the willing and completely crush the left. It is only by crushing them, that we can restore our Republic and begin the process of reversing the terrible devastation the left has inflicted on all of us.


With Resolve and Good Will,

Nelson Velez