Bankrupting Virginia—The reality of Democrat rule

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A review of bills that are passing through the House and Senate shows that both houses are keen on spending your money in support of Big Government goals. If you thought years ago that you were Taxed Enough Already, the combined impact of the large-ticket bills currently under consideration will make your head explode. Each of the following bills individually is a big spending bill, but when combined with other bills, it creates a multiplier that boosts the overall spending [...]

Masks, The Cover Up That Keeps You Submitting!

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Masks, the cover up that keeps you submitting! Are we beginning to get used to submitting and complying, yet? As the Tea Party movement, we fought a decade long battle against the very powers of government to clearly make our intent to be free and not to bend to edicts and dictates from oppressive officials. We now have a situation where a very flawed Governor is extending dictatorial powers without a time limit or a limiting authority. He has effectively [...]

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From Deb Giffin, Treasurer, VATP Here are some of the worst bills put forward by this General Assembly so far, clustered by areas of interest. If one or more areas is of interest to you, please take the time to review these bills and let your Delegate and Senator know what you think of them! These are links to the bill summary where you can read them for yourselves, see who the patrons are, and which committee they are [...]


As the Left wing mob ascends to power, We the People rise to defend freedom

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Over just the last couple of years, many saw the harbingers of the clear and present threats we witness today. We witnessed the torrents of dark money flooding Virginia from bad people and groups supporting bad candidates winning the last couple of election cycles. We watched as dangerous and subversive movements funded by dangerous and subversive billionaires went on the offensive throughout the state. We learned of foreign money pouring into Democrat campaigns and funding registration drives in immigrant [...]

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How to Address Your Delegate and Senator after the Election

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How to address your Delegate and Senator after the election, before the start of the General Assembly Contact in writing to the campaign office listed at their election material if not the incumbent. Address the fact that the person is now YOUR representative in the General Assembly, citing what district you are in. Identify yourself and your affiliation. If the representative is in concert with your ideals, note it and offer your support in the upcoming session, noting the challenges [...]

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A Bad Moon Arising

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The left wing mob has breached our General Assembly and will now impose their destructive and subversive ideology on all of us. And yes, Virginia, you can buy elections. The election that was bought and paid for by the deep pockets of left wing billionaires, labor unions and abortion mills will now rain down on our Commonwealth terrible and unacceptable laws. Elections do have consequences. The stage was initially set by the redistricting whose lines frequently and, so ever [...]

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No more hunting rifles

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I don’t know if you heard, but the Virginia State Crime Commission is meeting next week to hear presentations and comments from the public regarding gun control bills. Red flag laws, waiting periods, local firearm bans... There’s even a bill that would make it a CLASS 6 FELONY to own many hunting rifles. This one of the biggest attacks on our 2nd Amendment rights that Virginia has ever seen, and some candidates for the General Assembly would take it even further. That's why I hope [...]

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Reminder: VCDL Lobby Day TOMORROW (Monday)

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As a reminder, the annual Lobby Day event in the Virginia General Assembly is tomorrow. We encourage everyone to attend! Main rally is from 11:00 - 12:00 noon.

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Serious, legitimate threats to your Constitutional rights inbound

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Your rights are under attack. Read for details, and then join us for 2019 Lobby Day in Richmond!

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