The left wing mob has breached our General Assembly and will now impose their destructive and subversive ideology on all of us. And yes, Virginia, you can buy elections. The election that was bought and paid for by the deep pockets of left wing billionaires, labor unions and abortion mills will now rain down on our Commonwealth terrible and unacceptable laws. Elections do have consequences. The stage was initially set by the redistricting whose lines frequently and, so ever generously, seemed to favor democrats. The redistricting was critical to the success of the left which left many GOP safe seats vulnerable and which, consequently required the siphoning of additional funding to fend off the newly inserted democrat population to their districts. These factors simply accelerated what was already well under way with the changing demographics in northern Virginia.

Still, it remains true that We the People, remain in charge unless we abdicate our constitutional rights of self-governance. We still can leverage influence and impact be it either directly or indirectly through the constituents of these newly elected representatives. There has been a great hue and cry with much gnashing of teeth and wailing about the election results and with good reason. It has been a very difficult aftermath, but now 2 weeks later, we must look to what we can do. We will have a plan. It will be a successful plan. We will not waste our time or those of our natural allies with something that does not work. The results were what many of us thought would happen and now we turn to face the crucible of the 2020 election.

For us, it is long overdue that Constitutional groups and their natural allies link up in an up close and personal way. There needs to be a jointly created structure that allows for the seamless coordination between allied groups. We need to be able to interact on a scheduled and regular basis and encourage the complementary initiatives to flow from the strengths of each particular group towards a strategic critical end that makes a real positive difference. A freedom coalition made up of natural allies that complement each other can be a real game changer. We need to reconnect and regroup. It is time to firm up our foundation as the loyal opposition that will go on the offense with a broad coalition that will be a force to be reckoned with. It is time to break out the sledgehammer.

With Appreciation and Hope,

Nelson Velez
Virginia Tea Party