Over just the last couple of years, many saw the harbingers of the clear and present threats we witness today. We witnessed the torrents of dark money flooding Virginia from bad people and groups supporting bad candidates winning the last couple of election cycles. We watched as dangerous and subversive movements funded by dangerous and subversive billionaires went on the offensive throughout the state. We learned of foreign money pouring into Democrat campaigns and funding registration drives in immigrant communities on a massive scale. We knew all of this, and were unable to stop it. This rotten fruit that is now dropping sprang from these rotten seeds. 


           It was 10 years ago that it appeared all was lost. Really bad people with a really bad agenda under a real bad president had control of the executive and legislative branches of government. It was game, set and match for the Republic. But then, out of nowhere, in lighting speed, a relentless freedom movement sprang under the banner of the Tea Party and it was a game changer of historic proportions. Now in Virginia, we see the same dire landscape, but this time, even before the results tally was dry, a major freedom movement sprang under the banner of protecting the 2nd amendment of the Constitution. Freedom groups from the VCDL to the Tea Party and others throughout the state are uniting and providing a strong coalition that is powerful and operating with cooperation and coordination.


      The Sanctuary City 2nd Amendment Resolution is hitting on all cylinders and is now approaching a breathtaking 75% of all cities, towns and counties who have voted in support of our Constitution reaffirming that we will protect our rights against any threat, foreign or domestic. Our Tea Party membership is exploding and we are now rising to the challenge. Within our own ranks, Tea Party members were involved in crafting and then disseminating sanctuary city resolutions to freedom groups throughout the state to use as needed in July of this year. We have been at the forefront of this movement and helped spark the flames that is now raging throughout the state. WE stand resolutely on the common ground of our American heritage of freedom. It is a good place to be. And as we faced down an ordained king who sought foremost to disarm the citizens with force of arms, we are now witness to an elected Governor who threatens us with force of arms that he might disarm us. The nation is watching. It is time that Virginia deals with its tyrant in 2020 just as we have had to do in 1776.


In Freedom and Liberty,

Nelson Velez


Virginia Tea Party