Masks, the cover up that keeps you submitting!

Are we beginning to get used to submitting and complying, yet? As the Tea Party movement, we fought a decade long battle against the very powers of government to clearly make our intent to be free and not to bend to edicts and dictates from oppressive officials. We now have a situation where a very flawed Governor is extending dictatorial powers without a time limit or a limiting authority. He has effectively bypassed the legislative and judicial branch and moved straight into authoritarianism. We are now enduring a whole stream of unending dictates that are doing real harm to real people. He is crushing our free markets and is infringing on our constitutional freedoms without missing a beat. From our freedom to enter a house of worship, to gathering to confront our representatives, to crippling people’s capacity to make a living, Northam continues to press on as the one of the worst governors in our 50-state union. Only New York Governor Cuomo with his death panel solution to nursing home populations surpasses our Governor. Northam is a real choice to be Virginia’s worst Governor ever!

We face a dawning of new infringements as yet another edict is put into play with the masking of all of us. Evidently, the Democrats only unmask people when they are trying to fix a presidential election, annihilate innocent people, and destroy a duly elected President that they don’t like. But we are OK to be masked. This violates so much more than just sensibilities. On the health front the extended use of masks may cause many to face health concerns due to breathing in toxins that normally would be released to the four winds. This will not be exhaled but breathed into a mask to be inhaled back into our bodies. The threat of viral infection by the hands to the face is well documented, so why mandate a mask that will necessarily be continuously readjusted for comfort, eating, talking, and ease of breathing. A mask that will necessarily be contaminated on the outside where are hands will be doing all the adjusting. The governor cannot make law and his edicts legally can obligate only those in the executive branch of government. But his rulings stand until someone sues and this is settled in court.

Refusal to wear masks will result in consequences, but you can be smart about non-compliance. You can claim medical issues with wearing masks and those claims can be presented with HIPAA rules protecting confidentiality. This will allow for cover to uncover. Also, there is the law that if you are a conceal and carry citizen, you can’t legally wear a mask. hmm…

So, enjoy your freedom and remain unmasked if you chose. It is the choice that makes freedom a real and present thing.

With Resolve & Faith,
Nelson Velez
Virginia Tea Party-a coalition for Freedom