We watch in somber silence as our Republic burns. We witness major respected corporations pour their wealth into these left wing hate groups. We watch in disbelief as Democrat elected officials and even police chiefs march in solidarity with these racist hate groups who advocate lawlessness and crime. They demand homage and tributes and in shock, we watch as they receive all their demands instead of imprisonment. Democrat congressmen bowed, literally got down on their knees, as they embrace the modern-day American fascist who they helped unleash unto our American streets.

So all the carnage, all the hatred, all the intolerance, all the looting, pillaging, all the killing is unchecked and our law enforcement in Democrat controlled cities have been stood down. A defenseless populace now pays the price for the gains these same Democrats have made in disarming them. The mob appreciates making their workplace safe for carnage and mayhem.

The backlash must come. It must be a day of reckoning and it must overwhelm the mob as well as the subversive media and their Democrat enablers. We can hide and hope the shadow passes by our doors if we remain quiet or we can stand and refute mob rule. I contend that if you stay in your homes, they eventually will come and kick down your doors and rip you to pieces. Once they empty out the stores and the banks, their blood-lust will take them right to your homes.

The backlash begins now. The backlash may have already begun. There have been small indicators already. The voting in our state and in the nation has turned decidedly away from the subversive radical Democrats. There have been races in Va. where Democrats have been voted out in the past year. Even in California, Democrats are losing races where they’ve always won. Even with their institutionalized voter fraud, they are now losing. It became all too personal for me when, in my own back yard, my state senator, Louise “the Mob Queen” Lucas incited an uprising last week. She was the same senator that was the most radical and extreme in pushing legislation to disarm law abiding citizens, and now, she orchestrated left wing hate groups to destroy a historical monument. And as an added bonus, she assured the mob that the police would do nothing. She made sure that the lawlessness would continue without interference. She unleashed this mob unto our city. She should have been arrested and charged. But instead, she enjoyed a rally at city hall. Her supporters paraded in. The hate groups included Black Lives Matters, the militant Black Panthers with a special cameo appearance by Antifa. The joining of these groups for the rally stands as a ringing indictment of State Senator Louise “the Mob Queen” Lucas. There was nothing unifying or good about this gathering and the hate groups involved put down any doubt about unifying or reconciliation.

I know these things because I was there. I took the pictures and videos to refute the usual laundering of these left wing events by the media. I did not want to be there. I am known as a tea party leader. I likely would be recognized and placed in grave danger. I have a business that can be destroyed and the police have now been compromised and cannot be depended on to protect and defend. I was urged not to go. I was told that the Black Panthers were there armed. I went anyway, because I’m done hiding and making allowances for bad people doing bad things. Bullies are emboldened when you cower. They are excited when you give in to their demands. Their hunger for concession grows with every one that’s granted. So, to stop a bully, you face them down without fear. You must hurt them. They must suffer pain. If you are going down anyway, the least you can do is go down fighting and in the process take as many of them down with you. So, I confronted Antifa, had signs celebrating freedom, and stayed until the rally was over. And I did all of this while wearing a Tea Party T Shirt! Since then, pictures and videos on Facebook of this little gesture of defiance has motivated hundreds of people to confront and voice opposition to mob rule and has created a firestorm to rally the people of good will. A recall petition for the Mob Queen is now in full throttle mode. It has gone viral and the signatures will be completed by the end of the week. Backlash! Face them down. Engage and unite with each other and with freedom groups in your area. Work with the tea party and we will work with our natural allies. The left wing is in their final push to destroy our history and our traditions…just as Obama had promised in 2008. It is time to break his promise with a resounding BACKLASH! It is time. Let’s do this! It’s Backlash time!

With Resolve & Faith,
Nelson Velez
Virginia Tea Party-a coalition for Freedom