Dear Reader;
The Tea Party was initially a rowdy bunch, loud, sometimes disruptive, and focused on a few goals: smaller government, lower taxes, maximum freedom. The active protesters we are seeing now have a different dynamic. Peaceful but forceful messages are hijacked by the agitators who strike the match of mob action. Nihilistic, unlawful, destructive, godless, anarchists are enforcing their messages to the world through a willing press. This cannot continue; the goal is to annihilate our entire system of laws and government.
If you do not mouth the platitudes and “like” the correct tweets, the new fascists will find you and have you punished. There are people monitoring Facebook, Twitter and other social media to identify folks who do not spout the “correct” ideology, create lists of sins to be sent to employers, and have them pilloried in the public square, with loss of livelihood an expected result.
Kristallnacht, the night of broken glass, was a seminal event in Germany when the brownshirts destroyed Jewish property and synagogues, and the “regular people” just watched. We are having the summer of broken statues. What’s next? Will unpopular politicians and public figures be dragged from their homes and punished by the mob if current shaming is not sufficient?
How long until our First Amendment freedoms are as restricted as our Second Amendment rights have already been? Indeed, how long until our constitutional republic is taken down by a combination of mob rule and disinvolvement of the populace? If we stand for freedom and the Constitution, we must be ready to take action to prevent a “final solution” for America. This may not be what we expected when we first joined the Tea Party years ago, but it may be our legacy.
A Patriot