We conducted the only Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) Chairman forum available State-wide via Facebook Live Stream on Wednesday July 22nd, 2020 at 7:00PM

We have divided the recorded event video into segments containing the introduction, five questions, and closing remarks.

The initial segment covers the introduction to the event with VATP Chairman Nelson Velez, 1st Vice Chairman Brian Landrum and each of the candidates:

  • Candidate Rich Anderson
  • Candidate Mike Schoelwer
  • Incumbent Jack Wilson.

Each candidate went in alphabetical order, then in reverse alphabetical order. This order arrangement then repeated until the conclusion of the event.

After the introduction , there was time for five questions. Each candidate answered in the order described above.

Question 1. Rank the top three responsibilities of the chairman position as you see them. Explain both why you cite these and your preparation to serve in the responsibilities you outline.

Question 2. The State Central Committee has both elected and appointed members. Would an all elected State Central Committee hurt or help the Republican Party’s overall position?

Question 3. How do we navigate the sometimes conflicting needs of attracting new voters in areas where we are struggling with those of the strongly ideological conservative base that is the source of Republican activist energy?

Question 4. What is your plan to help potential candidates become elected candidates? What is the role of the party to convince candidates that the party has their backs?

Question 5. What steps will you take to ensure that state-wide candidates are able to win? What will you do on your first day to put into place the pieces needed to accomplish this? Concluding Statements.

Segment clips comprising the entire event have been uploaded to our YouTube channel.

For a playlist containing the clips of this specific event, go HERE:

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