We are now rising. We are standing our ground. We are now in motion and taking action. We have already spoken many words which set the foundational groundwork for action that will rise from what is spoken. We have considered what is happening and spoken volumes on the threat to all of us. But like a seed planted and nourished with enriching words to grow, if the result is not the blossoming fruit of action then everything withers away.

Time for talk is over. Time for action is here. We Rise now and end this national take over by mobs and throngs of thugs all of whom bask in the generous support of democrat leadership and media propaganda. We end this era where we witnessed police and their democrat overlords bow to street thugs and their nasty warlords. We have been abandoned by law enforcement as they must stand down when ordered by the democrats in charge. We have always been the 1st responders and now we must respond. The beginning of the end for this dark criminal Marxist movement is now.

On August 2nd, 2020 at 5:00 pm, in a place that is the dead zone of Virginia, we rise. In Portsmouth, a city that has conceded rule of law in accordance with criminals, thugs, mobs, and black racists, a backlash to the insurgency will be struck. On that Sunday, the Tea Party will lead freedom groups wedded to the Constitution, the rule of law, and to our rights and freedoms. They will all unite and reclaim the historical monument desecrated by a mob led by state senator Louise “the Mob Queen” Lucas. There will be affirmations of our Republic, our rights and for law enforcement all the while condemning mob rule and warlords usurping law enforcement. We will gather because the damage must be undone. They have claimed our streets, our freedom of speech, our freedom to be secure in our persons. They have taken our history and trashed it. They have done so because they can. Now, it is time we respond otherwise our silence will be a consent to the lawless mob for what they have done and license to do more in the future. It ends now. This is the spark that heralds the return to being a nation of laws, and a Republic. We will stand for the preservation of our freedoms and rights and voice a strident condemnation of mob rule, the tactics of intimidation and violence and the celebrated racism of identity politics. The destruction of people‚Äôs livelihood, the burning of businesses, the killing of dreams, jobs and hope, the assassinations of our police and the full throttle attempt to destroy their ability to defend and protect us all has been front and center for months. It has been a parade of the worst in this nation and serves as a fitting indictment to these social justice fascist as they present a clear and present danger to our society.

It is hoped that no matter what happens this Sunday August 2nd in Portsmouth, that many others will take up the banner in their cities, towns and counties throughout Virginia and maybe even our nation, and rise with resolve against insatiably violent mobs and the democrat leadership that protects and celebrates them as they inflict terrible suffering and carnage on the lives of every last one of us. It is time for us to rise and for the insane mobs to be hurled back into the dark places of the world from where they came. It is time for us to shine.

With Faith & Resolve,
Nelson Velez
Virginia Tea Party