There is a real Evil that has become a sustaining destructive and lawless force across our nation. And all during this relentless march, the mob grows, becomes increasingly violent and emboldened as it inflicts its terrible evil on our society. Throughout much of this insurrection, rather than witnessing massive arrests and punishment, these violent left-wing hate groups have all too often been showered with affection, praise and vast pools of money. They are a movement of fear and division. They are exacting tributes of acclaim and money from powerful and mainstream sectors of our society even as they burn down our cities, towns, and our works of art to our national heritage and culture. They are even making progress in destroying our very own law enforcement protections. They are generating all this raw power because of the real threat of violence and destruction that they are allowed to bring down against anyone or anything, at any time, they choose. And they do so, without fear of any consequences for their brutish lawlessness. Not from the police sworn to defend and protect us. Not from government instituted to ensure that our rights and freedoms are not endangered. Not even from “We the People” who are the true power in our Republic.

The threat is now. It is here. It is inflicting terrible and fatal damage to all of us. To our culture. To our freedoms and protections. To our lives and communities. To our nation. To our Republic. This is what Socialism looks like as it assumes power in America. It looks much like it has in other countries where this kind of fascism has been allowed to take over. It is the same story throughout time. It is the story of how a free people comes to be subjugated. It a story of how a strong and sane culture becomes perverted and goes crazy. It is the story of how the constitutional protections we are entitled to are eventually weaponized and turned against the very people it was designed to protect. It is a story of how a Republic is murdered out in the streets and in the halls of power.

That is how this story has played out, but it is not how it ends!

We the People determine the end of this story. First, clearly name the enemy. The Democrat Party is aligned with left-wing hate groups. It has increasingly become a left-wing hate group itself. You’ve noticed, they have not even bothered to condemn the violence and destruction of our society. Instead they have bowed to the war lords and street thugs. Just as they did in 1860 when they could not accept the election of a Republican president, they are, once again, tearing our nation apart and destroying, by any means necessary, our unity as a free people. They have declared war on all of us and they have even spilled American blood. They are moving to take away any and all protections that remain the right of all Americans. They have declared war on our Republic!

But “We the People” are now rising to counter the mob. We are moving to remove elected officials who sided with the mob or even participated in the lawlessness and cover up. We are voting them out. We are now taking them out by removing them through recall petitions as they are presently doing in Portsmouth. We are taking back what can’t be taken away without our consent. We are taking back our streets through rallies across Virginia led by tea parties and back the blue groups which have been peaceful, inspiring and powerful. We are taking back our communities; we are bringing back civil society. We are bringing back our Republic. We are fighting to bring back sanity, law and order, our history and our culture. We look to purge, in the most exacting and strongest way, mob culture and those who have embraced it from our governance. The mob needs to suffer consequences for this to end. They need to suffer pain and agony. We need to destroy them. This is what the left-wing is demanding of us in order to preserve our nation. This is what our founders expected of us if the day ever came when our nation came under assault from within. This is what this generation must do for those who gave their lives, fortunes and sacred honor for us and it is now for us to preserve and protect our fragile Republic for those generations of Americans yet to come. We must continue to be the very good to stop the very wicked when it comes. And we are!

With Resolve & Faith,
Nelson Velez
Virginia Tea Party-A Coalition for Freedom