For Immediate Release                                                     November 30, 2011
Contact: Mike Troxel – Communications


Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation to Educate Voters on
the Truth of George Allen’s Record

George Allen is exposed for being neither Tea Party nor Conservative


(Richmond, VA) – The Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation, a coalition of over 40 independent tea party groups in Virginia, has launched a “truth in voting” education drive in the Virginia U.S. Senate primary race.  In particular the Federation seeks to challenge George Allen’s assertion that he is a Tea Party Conservative.

They announced the initiative to expose what they described as a false narrative of the former Governor and U.S. Senator George Allen’s conservatism.  Mark Lloyd, Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation Chair remarked, “I have always said that George Allen’s rhetoric does not match his record.  Tea Party Patriots have a right to know the truth about the candidates, especially George Allen, before they go to the polls in June 2012.”

“George Allen calls himself a ‘Jeffersonian Conservative.’  He says he was ‘Tea Party before Tea Party was cool’.  However, Allen’s record in the U.S. Senate makes him one of the biggest supporters of liberal government programs, such as No Child Left Behind, and uncontrolled government spending.  We don’t think unconstitutional programs are ‘Tea Party’, and we don’t think adding over $4 trillion dollars in debt that our grandchildren will have to pay off, is cool.”

While Governor, George Allen also expanded the Virginia State budget by over $6 billion dollars. (Source: Politifact).  The group says that fiscal restraint, Constitutionally limited government and individual liberties, are issues at the core of Tea Party Constitutional Conservatism.

Lloyd adds that since Allen is the only candidate in the Republican primary to have held elective office,  he is the only one with a voting record that can be examined.

The Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation plans to issue a series of statements, voter guides, and events to educate Republican primary voters on George Allen’s voting record on spending
during his term as Governor of Virginia and while he served in the U.S. Senate.  Several other candidates are competing against Allen for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate, including Jamie Radtke, Chair Emeritus of the Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation.


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