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Action Alert: The Repeal Amendment to be heard in committee

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Action Alert ! Now is the Time to be Seen and to have your Voice Heard! The Repeal Amendment will be heard in sub-committee Tuesday morning at 9:15 in Room 3 West in the General Assembly Office Building. This sub-committee hearing will be the biggest hurdle for Your Freedom Bills. We need as many activists to attend this meeting as possible. There will be an opportunity for citizens to testify during the sub-committee meeting. Will you speak for your family, [...]

Cuccinelli – Individual Mandate:Unconstitutional

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Dear Defender of Liberty, Today, a federal judge in Richmond ruled the individual mandate of the federal health care law UNCONSTITUTIONAL! In other words - we won! This won't be the final round, as this will ultimately be decided by the Supreme Court, but today is a critical milestone in the protection of the Constitution. I am still fully digesting the court's ruling, so I'll get back to you again later with more details, but I wanted you to hear [...]

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LOBBY DAY 2010: We Surround Them – Richmond

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******************************************************************************************** Please Join Us LOBBY DAY 2010 MONDAY, JANUARY 18, 2010 ******************************************************************************************** THE 9.12 PROJECT We Surround Them – Richmond  ******************************************************************************************** In this email, you will find detailed Lobby Day information regarding: 1)       Parking (Bus Drop-off & Parking; Park-n-Ride; Free parking) 2)       The Day’s Main Events – Lobbying your Legislators; Virginia 10th Amendment Revolution Rally; Patriot Tailgate Party 3)       Patriot’s Hospitality Room (The “Crash Pad”) 4)       Lunch & Relaxation – Two Restaurants on East Cary offer something special for Patriots! [...]