(Richmond, Virginia, February 28, 2011)   – On February 25, 2011, Republican Congressman Eric Cantor reverted to his old habits, voting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, against the $100 billion budget cuts.  In his vote, Cantor reneged on a campaign promise.  Instead of following the lead of the new freshmen elected by the tea party movement, Cantor sided with establishment Republican officials.

“We are extremely disappointed in Eric Cantor, but not surprised”, says Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation Chairman, Mark K. Lloyd of Lynchburg, VA. “The will of the American people was pretty clear in November- cut, cut, cut spending.  Apparently, Eric Cantor’s ‘conversion’ to fiscal restraint was only temporary”.

Susan Lascolette, of the Richmond Tea Party, and a Republican candidate for the Goochland County Supervisor seat, concurs – “The congressional district map shows that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor represents Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, but his inconceivable vote on the Blackburn amendment does not represent Virginia’s values. His actions show a complete disregard for the tea party belief in fiscal restraint and indicate a lack of transparency, accountability, and any hint of the realism needed to yank America back from the edge of a financial meltdown. We are at a loss for an explanation and give him a failing grade on this vote.”

Says Robert Shannon, Membership Liaison for the Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation, “Congressman Eric Cantor exemplifies what is wrong with not just the republican Party, but with politics in general. He is a career politician who puts his personal ambition ahead of the Nation’s well-being”.

Eric Cantor and Congressman Frank Wolf (R- VA -9) were the only 2 of Virginia’s Republican Congressional Delegation that voted against the Blackburn amendment.  Anger and dissatisfaction with both representatives is very high in the Virginia Tea Party movement.  While no Republican challenger has yet been identified for Cantor’s seat, tea party candidate Ken Vaughn has announced his candidacy to challenge Frank Wolf.

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