“American Dream” Rally for Union “Solidarity”

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This past Saturday, and SEIU planned to have 1000 union members descend on Richmond to show their “solidarity” to the members of the union workers in Wisconsin occupying the state capitol building. Best laid plans being what they are, only around 150 people showed up. I say people rather than union members because most of the attendees were not in a union. No, they were your average everyday supporters of and simply got an email telling them to show up.

All in all this was a very tame event. Most people did not bring their own signs even and organizers were passing them out to people as they showed up. Organizers tried several times to fire up the crowd to no avail and even started by attempting to lead the crowd in union chants at the beginning. If it weren’t for the signs, this would remind me of a typical Richmond Spring celebration with the toddlers in cute outfits and the dogs and bongo players. Maybe the attendees thought this was a spring festival?

The speakers claimed this is class warfare against the workers with children and women specifically at risk of being attacked. One speaker blamed the Tea Party for the warfare and budget problems. (Eh?!?) Several shots were taken against McDonnell. Speakers were incensed that WI public employees were asked to contribute 5% towards their own pension. Then they went into a tirade about how Virginia public employees are abused because they have to pay for their own benefits and can’t do collective bargaining. And then there was this one speech trying to blame Virginia for Wisconsin union woes. I couldn’t quite understand what connection they were trying to make that because Virginia banned mandatory collective bargaining it empowering other states to do the same.

INTERESTING FACTOID: Forced collective bargaining was banned in Virginia in 1993 and was signed into law by our Democrat 1st elected black Governor Douglas Wilder. Bet they didn’t know that.

Anyway, see you at the next Spring Festival.

For more enjoyment watch a short video of these poor organizers trying to fire up the crowd:

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  1. robert e shannon March 2, 2011 at 1:28 pm

    The same elected officials who negotiated these union contracts now feign surprise when the costs turn out to be as onerous as they are. They often know wehn the costs come due ( think the current Transportation bill pending ) they will be down the road.
    When will we learn ? If you leave them there for more than 2-3 terms they ingratiate themselves to as many constituency groups as they can to hold on to their offices. FREE CANDY FOR EVERYONE.
    Both political parties play this game, just with differing constituencies, The end result is the bloated ineffecient government we have at all levels. Projects that are not the rightful purview of government, weapon systems even DOD does not want, the list goes on and on and on.

    Citizen-legislators who serve and then return to the private sector are the way out. Until we as a political movement recognize that truth and act accordingly nothing will change.
    A effort to roust every single elected offcial in both parties after 2-3 terms is something we must do. If it requires running Independents to cut their base support off, then so be it. Damn the consequences. It will only take a cycle or two until the Republican Party knows we mean business.
    Bob Shannon KWTP

  2. Margaret Kutzenberger March 15, 2011 at 1:24 pm


    The questions right not is what can the Tea Parties do to help Gov. Wilson in Wisconsin. If it is true the Teamsters are there, that’s very bad news. As you know, they are nasty, violent and border on being criminal. That’s the issue at hand, not throw out every member of Congress – the good with the bad.

    Be careful about “damn the consequences.” First, be careful what you ask for because you might get it; and secondly, the country might not make it through two or three elections cycles if the dems and rinos get back in control. Obama can’t be reelected or we won’t make it without terrible consequences.

    Margaret Kutzenberger
    Maidens, VA

  3. amanda April 22, 2011 at 9:07 am

    Do you all get your kicks simply making fun of people, or do you actually stand for something?

    • VA Tea Party Federation April 22, 2011 at 9:40 am

      We stand for something. But making fun of people is a bonus.

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