Let’s review:

  • $14.4 trillion in national debt
  • $114 trillion in unfunded liabilities
  • No federal budget passed in over two years
  • TARP
  • Bailouts of massive corporations while average Americans are struggling just to provide for their families
  • ObamaCare (i.e., forcing citizens to purchase a product or service, while calling it “health care reform”)
  • Many thousands of pages of tax code aimed at punishing and rewarding political enemies and allies
  • Enormous power granted to unelected regulatory bodies (e.g., EPA, IRS) to write and enforce regulations (i.e., control your lives) that Congress couldn’t pass as law
  • Nearly a trillion of taxpayer dollars spent on “stimulus” with nothing to show for it but higher unemployment and an exploding deficit and debt
  • The constant threat of tax hikes (which increase with the more we borrow and spend)
  • The Federal Reserve flooding our economy with new money, collapsing the value of our dollar and scaring away our investors
  • Skyrocketing gas and food prices (a direct result of all the new money)

Need more? Okay, how about:

I could go on, but there’s no need. The list of what’s happening in our nation is already breathtaking, and we all know where it leads: we and our children will ultimately become subjects of an all-powerful, gargantuan government that has no regard for individual rights. So for those of you who haven’t yet gotten meaningfully involved in working to stop the Big-Government agenda before it steamrolls us all, I have a simple question:


Since the birth of the Tea Party movement over two years ago, I’ve been profoundly inspired by the collective love for America that has been on display as many have sacrificed so much to get involved in saving our nation. In working with the Richmond Tea Party, I have gotten to know some of the most decent and dedicated patriots on the planet.

I must say, though, there are still far too many who can clearly see America is under attack, but are offering little to no reinforcement for those struggling on the front lines. Those of us involved are damming the collectivist/statist floodwaters as much as possible, but we need backup. A lot of it. Too often I hear others say that they don’t have enough time to be involved—too many other responsibilities.

Well, that is exactly what the collectivists/statists are counting on. They know they can defeat an idle and distracted citizenry, but not an informed, engaged, and principled one. Polls continue to show that the overwhelming majority of this nation agrees with the core Tea Party principles of limited government, spending restraint (including not raising the debt ceiling), and not raising taxes. The American people are on our side and are primed to receive the message of freedom in a way I’ve never seen.

We can’t blow this historic opportunity!

Believe me, as a husband, father, full-time employee, and small business owner, I understand how hard it is to commit to a cause. We’re all busy with work and our personal lives. But it’s time to take stock of our priorities, reevaluate every minute of our time, and figure out some way to pitch in to help America survive its current crises and ultimately thrive again.

I’m not asking for a big sacrifice here. While our nation’s founders were totally overmatched by the most powerful military force on the planet at the time—the revolutionary soldiers often went without food, shelter, and shoes—they still sacrificed their fortunes, their lives, and some even their families fighting for their cause. Our cause. All I’m asking you for is to donate a few hours a week (a night, if possible) to attend an occasional meeting, send some e-mails, and help organize events.

This is a tiny price for the reward of liberty, especially considering the penalty of too many Americans remaining silent and inactive. Because if we’re not willing to pay the price and we instead care more about our careers, homes, fantasy baseball leagues, and reputations with our friends than about our freedoms; if we’re not willing to get off the golf course or the couch, turn off the video games, and stay up an extra hour a night to connect and work with like-minded people to help improve our communities; and if we’re not willing to spend a little less money on flat screen TVs, vacations, dinners out and spend a little more on the cause of liberty … we will lose that very liberty.

And everything else.

I don’t believe that’s who we are, though. I believe we value our freedoms more than the fruits that flow from them. I don’t believe we will one day have to look our children in the eyes and admit that we were ones who didn’t protect their future when we saw it under open and brutal assault. Together, we can and WILL restore this nation to its founding principles and secure the blessings of freedom for the rising generations.

And our children will be eternally grateful.

Now—if you’re ready to join the cause and you live in the Richmond area, please stop by our volunteer fair next Saturday, June 18th any time between 10:00am – 2:00pm at the Governor’s Square Shopping Center at 9828 Midlothian Turnpike. (Details here.) We will have a list of jobs and assignments we need help with (and some hot dogs and drinks, too) and will be available to answer any questions you may have about what we do.

Come and see us. Bring all your friends. We need your help.

And for those of you who are awake and already involved, forward this to everyone you know who isn’t.

Cross-posted at redstatevirginia.com