Julian E. Zelizer and I agree on one thing – this is no way to run a government.  But the Communist News Network contributor and I quickly part our ways from there.  In his August 1st editorial piece for CNN, Zelizer blasts away at the Tea Party Republican block in the House for actually demanding that Congress show even a little spending restraint.  In contrast, many Tea Party groups believe this latest debt deal, while a step in the right direction, does nothing to solve our growing debt crisis.

Zelizer and other progressive liberals have been screaming about a coming U.S. financial Armageddon if we don’t agree to spend more money we don’t have.  Never mind the debt disaster now looming before us in plain view.  Never mind the fact the US government makes enough current revenue to keep paying the interest on existing debt and to keep paying all pay and entitlement checks owed.

Worse, Zelizer and other progressive (read: socialist) liberals have to step over the dead bodies from the healthcare ‘reform’ battle to blame the Tea Party for actually expecting Congress to work together and do its job.  Perhaps they forget how liberal politicians railroaded the healthcare plan right over the Republicans in their effort to push out a plan over 55% of America doesn’t want.

They also have to use a double standard to simultaneously condemn Republicans for demanding a little fiscal restraint during the debt increase debate.  However, it was apparently entirely acceptable when the democrats did the same exact thing to protest President George W. Bush’s policies during his second term.  Of course, Zelizer delivers a flop of an argument here – that Tea Party Republicans were causing a crisis by not giving in to unrepentant spending that would make even a drunken sailor embarrassed.  Instead, he argues we should just steal – I mean tax – more from the successful and industrious Americans to give to, well, whoever the next ‘victim’ happens to be.

In short, Zelizer is in every sense a ‘useful idiot’ in the socialists’ hands!  The only thing increasing taxes would do is to increase spending and decrease jobs.  In fact, there’s plenty of data to suggest the federal government would actually collect less under a larger tax structure.  Still, I would (temporarily) take a small tax increase to get a Balanced Budget Amendment.  This one amendment would solve most of our fiscal problems faster than Paul Ryan’s budget plan ever could and would force fiscal discipline on even the most unrepentant socialist liberal.

The real problem isn’t that we’re not taxing enough.  The irrefutable truth is that we keep spending money we don’t have!  And even this latest compromise signed just yesterday will not right the ship and keep it from sinking.  We may have slowed the intake of water, but the ship is still going down, rats and all!  There’s only one way to stop our ship of state from sinking, and that’s to stop spending.  Yes, it is that easy, so stop making excuses.  Zelizer, stop wagging your empty tongue at the Tea Party and offer a real solution to address a real problem.  Let me give you one last hint – it’s the spending, stupid!