Folks, I have to ask, how does it feel to be number one? Before you answer, it’s important you understand it doesn’t mean you’re on top, it means you are the target! Personally it is an honor for those of us, that have the welfare of this great nation at heart. With congressional members, the union big wigs and the ever present lame stream media spewing their lower till IQ verbiage toward anyone with conservative values, we must be doing something right!

John McCain , called us hobbits, thus opening the door for Maxine Waters, who, would like us to go to hell and she’ll help. Paul Krugman refers to us as extortionist and accuses us of criminal activity. A “group of terrorists”, that’s compliments of Mike Doyle. The list goes on and I need not preach to the choir here. You, folks, are doing a great job at explaining reality to people! Equally great, the rhetoric from the left has no substance to counter it! They absolutely hate truth. Reality, they know less about that than I do about quantum physics. It is far removed from their life.

Every group that exist in this nation that harbor hatred for the founding fathers, Christian principles, laws of the land and the path charted years ago to establish what we have today, are the elite to the liberal. They have used these special interest groups for years, not for the people or the country, but for themselves. Personal agendas, self-serving motives and perpetual occupancy of a seat in government. Ah, the power they bestow upon themselves and the significance of their being is to be worshiped. Or so they would have you think. I don’t! However, all too many of their followers and supporters are not aware of this and you can bet your whatever, this bunch don’t want it out! It appears to me, however, that a leak or two has developed and many are saying “Hey, wait a minute, you guys ain‘t being straight up here”.

The same rights we so cherish are the same rights that protect those bent on destruction. Exactly when do you suppose they’ll realize it’s going to bite them in the butt! Are they going to blame the TEA Party for that as well? Why not, so few will assume responsibility of any sort on any level.

The infamous Jimmy Hoffa Jr. referred to us as SOB’s in a recent speech in Michigan. As for Mr. Hoffa’s remarks, it must have been something he read on a restroom wall somewhere. It’s hardly chocked with originality but is certainly exemplary of his character.

So from there we go to Florida, where the superfluity continues from the mouth of Congresswoman Frederica Wilson. Her claim, we (the TEA Party) are the enemy. If standing for this country makes me an enemy, then damn right, I am one!

Darriel Burnett
Chairman, Danville TEA Party