So I guess in the eyes of the AP and the VCCA George Allen has won the Republican PRIMARY race.  Not so fast AP. The choice is apparently the Governor (Kaine) who almost bankrupted the Commonwealth or the Senator that helped to Bankrupt the nation. To be fair to Allen the story doesn’t say if he has accepted the terms.

Ironic being that they showcase this quote on the VCCA Site: “A popular government without popular information,  or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or perhaps both.”    James Madison “

Statement By Radtke For Senate:

Virginia voters: the Mainstream Media wants to choose your Senate candidates for you – and guess what? They picked Washington politicians.

The Virginia Associated Press (AP) Managing Editors and the Virginia Capitol Correspondents Association (VCCA) have decided to hold a general election debate in December between the Washington Establishment candidates Tim Kaine (former DNC chairman) and Senator George Allen, and the

AP and VCCA wrote rules to exclude everyone but the Washington candidates:

  • Candidates that average 15 percent or better in published, non-candidate primary polls; and,
  • Have raised at least 20 percent as much money as their party’s frontrunner by the end of October

The AP and VCCA ignore head-to-head Senate polls, such as the July 27 PPP poll showing:

Tim Kaine: 47%
Jamie Radtke: 31%

This is well over the 15% threshold set by the AP and VCCA. This is a general election debate, so why wouldn’t they use general election poll numbers?

The AP and VCCA ignore the fact that, by scheduling a general election debate six months before the primary, the Mainstream Media is circumventing the electoral process and telling Virginians that your voices and votes are irrelevant.

By their logic, an AP / VCCA presidential debate in Virginia would include only Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. The AP and VCCA would exclude Ron Paul (9.8%), Michele Bachmann (6.8%), Newt Gingrich (6.2%), Herman Cain (5.4%), Rick Santorum (1.8%) and Jon Huntsman (1.4%).

The AP and VCCA is using its Mainstream Media power to shut down conservative Virginians, saying: We will pick your Senate candidates.

Don’t let this collusion between Mainstream Media and the Washington Establishment take away your voice!

Please help. I need you to do three things right now:

1. Let the AP and the VCCA know what you think:
Associated Press Phone: 804-643-6646
Associated Press Fax: 804-643-6223
Associated Press Richmond Bureau Chief:
Virginia Capitol Correspondents Association: