Glade Hill VA October 6, 2011 – Roscoe Reynolds yesterday began to air false, negative radio ads against Bill Stanley in a desperate attempt to distract voters from his own record. Reynolds claims that Bill Stanley does not have ties to Southside. Roscoe’s attacks are simply untrue and easily disproven.

The Facts

  1. Bill and his mother both live in Franklin County and his family has owned a home there since 1988
  2. He attended Hampden-Sydney College in Prince Edward County and graduated in 1989
  3. Bill practices law in his own firm in Franklin County and has since 1999
  4. Over 40% of Bill’s constituents from his old district live in the 20th district, this is the largest percentage of any of the districts in Virginia

The reason Bill does not live with the majority of his constituents from his old district is due to Roscoe Reynolds and his Northern Virginia allies tearing his district apart in a blatant partisan gerrymander.

In the Senate, Reynolds voted to put liberal Northern Virginia Democrats as the heads of committees while Stanley opposed them.

“With a record as weak as Roscoe’s, it’s not surprising he is launching false attacks based on geography instead of focusing on the issues,” said Brian O’Connor, Bill Stanley’s Campaign Manager. “The two things that Roscoe has brought to Southside since he came to the Senate are job-killing taxes and rising unemployment.”

“Roscoe Reynolds has never met a tax he did not like,” said O’Connor. “Reynolds not only voted for the largest tax increase in Virginia history, he also voted multiple times for higher gas and sales taxes. While Bill Stanley is hard at work trying to bring jobs to Southside, Reynolds is too busy hiding from his own record to focus on the issues that plague Virginians.”

Bill Stanley said, “I love Southside, there is no place on Earth where I would rather live. I have deep roots here and am working hard to make sure that Southside again becomes a center of economic prosperity in Virginia.”