Refuting conventional political wisdom,  the Virginia Tea Party Alliance today launched its election initiative “Beyond 21 – Creating a Conservative Tsunami in Virginia”. The campaign targets 7 left-wing Democrat State Senators and seeks to elect conservative Republican candidates, many of whom have been overlooked by the major Republican Party PACS.

“Many pundits and operatives think that the best Republicans and conservatives can hope for this year in Virginia is picking up 2-3 seats. We feel very strongly that conservatives can pick up as many as nine seats currently held by Democrats,” said Karen Miner Hurd, Executive Director of the Virginia Tea Party Alliance which is spearheading the “Beyond 21” campaign.

“Our recent polling shows that President Obama and his policies have alienated voters of across the spectrum here in Virginia, and there is a tremendous surge in renewed conservative energy,” Hurd said. “That resurgence means that projections of a three or four seat gain are pessimistic and that Senate Republicans need to look at going beyond 21 and towards 24 or even 27 or 28 seats.”

The goal of Beyond 21 is to do much more than just boost Republican Party numbers.  Says Hurd, “We are not looking to elect a merely a Republican majority, but a strong conservative majority in the Virginia State Senate”.

The Left has given us their playbook.  Now we’re going to use it.

“The reality is that Democratic incumbents across the state will have to answer for the Obama Administration policies that they have supported implementing here in Virginia,” Hurd added.

“Virginians and Americans are fed up with endless bailouts, government run health care and increased government control over our jobs and our daily lives. They have used their majority in the State Senate to increase the financial burden and regulation on the average Virginian”.

Hurd said the election initiative will involve grass-roots targeted door-to-door activities, radio ads and what she called “guerilla social media.”

“The left has given us their playbook.  Now we’re going to use it,” Hurd said.

The Alliance launched a money bomb on September 22.  Donors can choose the candidate or the specific action they wish to fund. The group’s political target list can be found at