On the eve of a squeaker election where the Republicans only barely took control of the Virginia Senate, thanks in large part to the Tea Party, we get this lovely gem:

Bob McDonnell is supporting George Allen. Primary be damned! Once again the ruling elites within the party will be doing everything they can to spoon feed us another moderate. For the sake of expediency and pragmatism, because he can theoretically “beat the other guy”, we are being steamrolled. Lovely! It’s a little ironic that after the GOP and The Tea Party seem to have finally made peace or at least had a cease fire that the Governor would break it.  If you read my post about Pragmatism and Principle from 2 days ago you understand where I’m coming from.

IF…and it’s a big if, George Allen can win and IF he wins the Primary it will cost 4 to 5 times what Kaine will have to spend. The reason? The Principled voters in the Tea Party are fed up with the George Bush era Republicans. “Republicans” that ran from their own creed and who, for the sake of holding power, made some colossal blunders politically. Tea Party voters will stay home and Kaine will be our next senator. Yikes!

With REAL conservatives like Jamie Radtke and Bishop Jackson in this primary race, Bob McDonnell has made a huge mistake with such an early endorsement.  Or maybe this is some downpayment within the elitist good ole boy network to get him a seat on the VP ticket for 2012. Time will tell!

From The Allen Campaign:

Dear Friends,

I wanted you to be one of the first to know that today I’m announcing my support for George Allen to be Virginia’s next United States Senator.

Maureen and I have known George and Susan for years.

Like us they wonder what the future will hold for our children and yours.

It’s what motivates George to run today.

He’s focused his campaign on solving problems with big ideas that will help private sector businesses create jobs, unleash our abundant energy resources, and get America working again.

George will work to rein in Washington’s destructive spending and crushing regulations because too often they stand in the way of growth and progress.

We need George Allen in the United States Senate fighting for us.


The eyes of the country will be on Virginia in 2012.

This year we made significant gains – strengthening our majority in the House of Delegates to historic levels and ending the Democrats control of the State Senate.

Next year our sights are set on helping achieve a majority in the U.S. Senate.

And Virginia once again will be at the forefront of that fight.

The road ahead won’t be easy, but things worth fighting for rarely are.

George Allen will need all of our help.

He has my support and I’m hoping he can count on yours as well.

bob sig
Gov. Bob McDonnell