Virginia Coalition: Protect Local Jobs – Denounce Greenpeace

New Virginia Coalition Urges Kroger, Target, Other U.S. Retailers to Denounce Greenpeace to Protect Local Jobs

“Coalition to Protect Virginia Jobs” warns of state economic fallout from capitulating to activist demands, closing local paper company

RICHMOND, VA – The Coalition to Protect Virginia Jobs (CPVJ), a new project committed to safeguarding local businesses and workers against unfounded attacks by out-of-state activist groups like Greenpeace, was officially launched today.

Comprised of leading local organizations, including Americans for Prosperity Virginia (AFP-VA) and the Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation, members of CPVJ have united to pursue a shared goal: staving off job loss and other economic fallout by preventing retailers-ranging from Costco to Kroger-from capitulating to extremist demands issued by groups such as Greenpeace.

“Greenpeace’s history is littered with economic collateral damage. Now the activist group has Virginia in its crosshairs,” said AFP-Virginia state director and CPVJ founding member Audrey Berkshire Jackson.

Greenpeace is bullying leading retailers for offering American consumers high-quality, low-cost products made by Virginia’s own Mercury Paper Company. The more than 150 jobs and over $21 million the paper manufacturer has brought to our state are at stake.”

Mark Lloyd, chairman of the Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation added, “This is an activist attack on Virginia’s working class. The number of workers in Virginia’s manufacturing sector has dropped by nearly 50% in the past 20 years. If Wal-Mart, Kroger and other retailers cave to the ‘green’ elite, we will lose even more well-paying jobs for Virginian workers.”

Virginia’s elected officials should be urged not to tolerate attempts by Greenpeace to drive businesses from the Commonwealth.”

In 2010, Mercury opened its headquarters in Strasburg, VA-a region that had seen unemployment hit a high of 9.7 percent. At a time when some other companies were reining in investment and cutting jobs, Mercury demonstrated a dedication to creating prosperity and opportunity for people in Virginia.

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Coalition to Protect Virginia Jobs
The Coalition to Protect Virginia Jobs (CPVJ) is a project of Americans for Prosperity Virginia (AFPVA) and the Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation with the aim of urging Kroger, Target and others to continue to source from local Virginia supplier, Mercury Paper, and reject the smear campaign of Greenpeace that threatens jobs and the livelihoods of hard working Virginians.