Bob Goodlatte - Enemy Of The Internet

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Going For SOPA’s Throat: Mission Go-Daddy Accomplished, Next Up: The Politician Behind The Bill.

After Go-Daddy’s support of SOPA incurred the wrath of an army of internet-freedom advocates and left the company licking its wounds (support which has since vanished along with tens of thousands of customers), this emerging online force now turns its sights on the politicians behind the bill. “Congress has proven it does not understand the internet” writes Erick Erickson, “perhaps they will understand brute strength against them at the ballot box”. First up? The politician who introduced SOPA: Republican representative Bob Goodlatte.

As chairman of the IP, Competition & Internet subcommittee, SOPA is
Goodlatte’s baby– which has now made him enemy #1 of the formidable internet-freedom fighters. Fortunately for them, he just may be a vulnerable target, and successfully throwing out the man behind SOPA specifically because of SOPA would send a deafening message from the internet community: touch SOPA and you’re out! This would render SOPA so politically toxic it would be relegated to the wasteland of politician’s nightmares. The possibility of taking out the man behind SOPA might seem like a fantasy, but a little closer look at the situation in Goodlatte’s district suddenly gives one that strange feeling of being on the precipice of something big- the possibility of a David and Goliath scene that ends with SOPA’s head on a platter and the man behind SOPA held up high as an example of how kindly they take those willing to sell their freedoms to the highest corporate bidder.

All is not well back home for Goodlatte, whose crumbling conservative support has become increasingly disillusioned with his hypocrisy, lies, and betrayal of everything they stand for. This corresponding with the rapidly growing support of Goodlatte’s primary challenger (who fiercely opposes SOPA) may just be the ideal opportunity to make an example of the man behind SOPA.

Karen Kwiatoski is a Ron Paul Republican running against Goodlatte in the VA 6th District Republican primary. A fight for the primary nomination (as opposed to a costly general election) would be something the internet community’s weight could significantly influence, especially considering that Virginia is an open primary state- which means anyone can vote in the primary regardless of party affiliation. If only a small amount of Democrats (who despise Goodlatte, would love nothing more than to oust him, and are typically anti-SOPA) showed up and voted against Goodlatte in the primary election, the man behind SOPA would be toast! Here is a golden opportunity for the anti-SOPA/internet freedom crowd to heroically take down the man himself, to make an example of SOPA’s author and instruct all to mind the lessons of Goodlatte’s home-state motto: sic semper tyrannis (Thus Always To Tyrants)!

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By: Kaleb Matson