From the lodge, Glacier National Park, Montana

To say that this is an important year in our nation’s history is quite the understatement.  “Historical” is a better adjective, but even that doesn’t seem to reflect the dire situation that America is facing.   In November, we will decide how our great country moves forward.  In my mind, there are two choices: 1. Socialism, and the end of the Great American Experiment.  Or 2.  A striking and deliberate return to the principles of our Founding Fathers, and the salvation of an idea for which so many have fought to protect: Liberty.  The choice will be of the present, but it shall be heard ringing deep into our nation’s future.  The magnitude of the moment is clear to me.   Sadly, many people do not see it the way I do.

People in our federal government are actively seeking to destroy everything we have come to know and love about America, and how she was founded.  The Constitution has been under relentless assault by this President, who routinely disrespects America’s most sacred document and the laws it sets forth.  Most of our government leaders in Congress have fallen far short of our expectations, save a few freshmen with gravitas.  There is nothing that impassions me more than the thought of protecting this country, for which I so deeply love.  As a 28-year old veteran, many could say that I have already done my patriotic duty.  I am proud of my military service, but now, as a civilian, I have been seeking new ways to continue my fight for the noble Cause.  Thankfully, I have found a group of individuals who share my ideals.  And the future is looking bright.

The Richmond Tea Party was established in February 2009.  It has grown to become the largest of the Tea Party movements in Virginia, and I am one of their newest members.  During my orientation, it became immediately clear that I was once again among patriots.  For the first time since I left the military, I didn’t feel alone.  We recited the pledge of allegiance, hands over hearts, as I had once done in the days of my youth.  I felt a sweeping relief as I suddenly realized that there are others who are just as restless and have never lost hope.  The moment was powerful.

I believe that there are many, like me, who are looking for a way to make a difference in the future of our country.  The Tea Party, on a national level, has already begun to shape our return to Constitutional integrity.  The results of the 2010 congressional elections were a giant step in that direction.  The fight, however, has only just begun.  And there is nothing more satisfying to me than knowing that I will be a part of it…part of the Great Cause of our time.  As Thomas Paine wrote, “The sun never shined on a cause of greater worth.”  It is time to wake up and embrace the sunlight once again.