This Saturday’s “admission” is a focus on LIBERTY!  That’s it!  Come on out, Virginia!


The Righteous Outlaws are performing at Celebrate Liberty this Saturday at Chesterfield Fairgrounds (southeast corner of Courthouse Road and 288).  These men are patriotic military men who donate their proceeds to local charities.


Talent and sacrifice like this are what make Liberty worth defending, don’t you agree?


With other performers such as Beauty for Ashes, Lisa Mei Norton, and the Patriot Pipes and Drums, we know you’ll have a great day Celebrating Liberty.


Friends and fellow patriots, we are what stands in the way of America’s certain demise! 


LIBERTY is what’s at stake today, and we must come to her defense.


Come to Celebrate Liberty this Saturday and be a part of what will make the difference in 2012!


Please bring your families and your friends!


Please forward this message across the Commonwealth NOW…


Let’s do our part, Virginia!  Let’s Celebrate Liberty!


The Richmond Tea Party