Well, let’s see.  Under Obama, the US government’s budget deficit has dramatically increased.  The Senate, led by his own political party, hasn’t delivered a budget in more than three years.  And not one Democrat voted for the budget he sent them.  During Allen’s tenure as a senator, he voted for TENS OF THOUSANDS of earmarks which spent money he knew the US government didn’t have and which ultimately increased the budget deficit.  According to Citizens Against Goernment Waste, Allen’s earmark votes totaled $121.8 BILLION.


Under Obama, the US government’s debt has spiraled out of control, now above $16 TRILLION.  Between 2002 and 2006, Allen’s votes contributed to an increase of $3.1 TRILLION in the national debt.

  • From $5.95 trillion to $6.4 trillion (S 2578, 6/11/02)
  • From $6.4 trillion to $7.4 trillion (HJR 51, 5/23/03)
  • From $7.4 trillion to $8.2 trillion (S 2986, 11/17/04)
  • From $8.2 trillion to $9 trillion (HJR 47, 3/16/06)


Do we really desire to return “Retread on me” Allen to the Senate where he can assist Obama—should he win again—in further ruining this country?