After a few years of seeing the success of the tea party, you’d think that the GOP would see the value of it. Perhaps even begin to drift toward more-conservative policies. Heck, the overwhelming victories in 2010 should be a clear indicator of the power of “tea party” type support. But recent events tell a much different story, that your opinions and values don’t really matter…that you are are being taken for granted. This is not some emotional assertion; rather this is based on direct observation of events.

Many of you may not be aware of the delegate and convention rules shenanigans that just took place during the republican convention. Below I will list several links/articles about what is reported to have happened during the convention, as well as a few links that indicate how the GOP views your values/opinion. Although I have not exhaustively vetted all of the material presented, much of it comes from sources I trust or is direct video evidence.

RNC Convention Shenanigans

The most egregious event that transpired during the convention was a rules change that would dramatically limit the influence that the grassroots could exert in the convention process. Morton Blackwell provides a summary and commentary:

Michelle Malkin provides a recap of the events during the convention. If you read no other links, read this one:

There were also reports that the entire event was scripted, and that the outcome had been preordained. Why even construct the nomination sideshow if it didn’t matter? Why waste everyone’s time, and considerable money?

Are Your Values Shared by the GOP?

Additionally, some recent commentary (or lack thereof) provides a glimpse into the minds of the GOP leadership.

Was there a memo released to agree to not mention the tea party *at all* during the convention?

Would you have expected that the tea party wouldn’t even be mentioned, essentially? It’s almost as if the GOP is embarrassed by you. In the face of the withering attacks against the tea party that we all had to endure, the GOP could have stood up for us…could have defended us loudly and proudly. Could have used that momentum to champion our conservative principles. But no…we find ourselves now in a situation where the GOP will not even speak our name publicly, lest they be tarnished with our “extreme” ideas. Could it be that the GOP just wants us to shut up, work as community activists, and then vote for their favored candidates?

Let’s not forget Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner’s recent comments about people who were against the TARP bailout.

Our work is far, FAR from done folks. The GOP deserves no quarter when it seeks to shut out the very movement that provided the wins in the 2010 elections. Let there be no doubt…we’re experiencing a direct assault on grassroots activists. Regardless of who wins this next election in November, we have a long road ahead to reform government and the politicians that run roughshod over the populace. If Obama wins, obviously voters with conservative values will need to redouble their efforts to erect a firewall against damaging progressive policies. But if Romney wins, will you STILL stand beside us to enact the necessary reforms that are sorely needed, or will you quietly fade into the background, figuring that we’ve done “good enough”? We hope to see you standing with us after November, regardless of the outcome. Millions of citizens decided to roll up their sleeves 3 years ago to get involved. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’ll be rolling them down anytime soon. “Eternal vigilance“, indeed.
If I have this all wrong…if I’m reading this incorrectly, please let me know in the comments section. I’d love to be wrong.